ALMSys, Inc.

ALMSys® 6.5 Development Information

(From Richard Stephens, Chief Software Developer -- Revised 08/30/2017)

You must be on version 6.4 before going to 6.5. Click here for upgrade instructions.

ALMSys Quotes Updated

ALMSys Quotes continues to be updated and improved. ALMSys Quotes is an add-on module to ALMSys which will allow you to print lease, loan, and purchase contracts.

For more information, please see the ALMSys Quotes web page.

ALMSys Accounting Module Added

ALMSys Accounting is an add-on accounting module which will allow you to track the accounting aspects of your portfolio.

For more information, please see the ALMSys Quotes web page.

ALMSys Dashboard Added

The ALMSys Dashboard will show you the key items in your portfolio that have expired, or will expire in the next 30 days. The items tracked include:

  • Lease termination dates
  • Loan termination dates
  • Insurance expiration dates (and/or cancelled)
  • PPSA expiration dates
  • Lien expiration dates

All of these items may be drilled down to the deal behind the numbers. Each of these items has a corresponding screen report.

Recurring Payment Changes

You may now create a recurring payment schedule for any of the ALMSys payment frequencies (such as weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc). The Recurring Payments report has been replaced by the Payments Scheduled report, and will convey all active deals in the portfolio, whether or not they have a recurring payment schedule.

ACH Interface Batches

New interfaces for HSPC Bank and ATB Bank (Canada) have been added.

The ACH batch edit load has been simplified to load by date range, based on the recurring payment schedule. Once a batch has been exported to the bank, you may post all payments in the batch, even if the settlement date is in the future.

New Reports

  • Aging Report (Only Those With Owed)
  • CC/ACH Batch Report by Settlement Day
  • Deferred Revenue Report
  • Depreciation Net Book Value Report
  • Duplicate VINs
  • Export Loan Journal for Full Month
  • External Balance Comparison Report
  • Lease Combined Summary
  • Lease Combined Summary: No Lev. Fin.
  • Lease Combined Summary: With Lev. Fin.
  • Lease Open/Closed Report
  • Lease Status Statement
  • Termination Risk Evaluation

Please see ALMSys Help for more details on these reports.

Depreciation Rewritten

The depreciation has been rewritten to allow for multiple depreciation iterations for a deal. The Depreciation Report has been simplified to eliminate tax depreciation.

Balance Holding

ALMSys does not balance by account, but rather by deal. Once a deal has been terminated, any accounts receivable information falls off of the Aging reports. Balance Holding was added to enable the tracking of A/R amounts for customers who have no active deals.

Other Revisions

There have been many other revisions to ALMSys. This version represents about a year and a half of program changes and not all of the changes are represented on this page.