ALMSys, Inc.

ALMSys® 6.4 Development Information

(From Richard Stephens, Chief Software Developer -- Revised 11/16/2015)

You must be on version 6.3 before going to 6.4. Click here for upgrade instructions.

ALMSys Quotes Introduced

ALMSys Quotes is a new, add-on module to ALMSys. This module will allow you to produce lease, loan, and purchase documents on blank laser paper, eliminating the need for old dot matrix printers and expensive preprinted forms. The resulting lease or loan is easily imported into ALMSys for tracking. At lease end, vehicles may be pulled back into the Quotes module for re-leasing, disposal, or trade-in on a new lease or loan.

For more information, please see the ALMSys Quotes web page.

Aging, Delinquencies, and Late Charges

Delinquency and aging will now include late fees. This was removed for version 5.6, and it was wrong to remove it. True aging and delinquency reporting includes all outstanding amounts owed. Now, ALL portions of what was charged will age properly.

For leases, a type "S" payment was intended to be used to waive late fees. I have discovered that they are also being used to assess late fees by posting negative type "S" payments. I would prefer that the billing procedure be used to assess late fees as part of the billing. However, I have changed ALMSys to treat negative type "S" payments as if they were billed out as late fees. As a direct result of this, the "Delinquent Late Charges" fields on Delinquency Reports will properly reflect those outstanding late fees.

For loans, the type "S" payment has always meant a late fee assessed (negative) or a late fee waived (positive). These may be posted manually or you may let the Loan Statements procedure assess late fees for you.

Payment Posting and Payoff Screen

The multiple payment screen now allows loan payments to be posted. This screen has also been modifed to allow for multiple payments to the same deal in the same payment session; simply right-click on the account number of the deal and select to add another payment line.

The payoff screen has been completely rewritten and modernized. It also now incorporates a payoff spreadsheet that is directly editable from within ALMSys. You may wish to contact Support for an overview as to how the new payoff screen works. The old payoff screen is still there through this version, but will be removed for the next version. The new payoff screen is named, "New Payoff."

ACH Interface Batches

A new interface for TD Bank (Canada) has been added. This is for their "TD EFT 80" interface.

A new option for clearing or resetting settlement days was added to the ACH batch edit screen.

The NACHA interface has been modified to allow for "balanced" batches.

The CC/ACH screen now allows loan payments to be posted.

Accounting Interface Exports

A new interface for "CDK Expert Mode" has been added to the accounting interface screen.

The DealerTrack export has been altered to create DealerTrack ".gle" type files, rather than ".csv".

The ability to save exported journal interface batches has been added. This is automatically done for you every time you export a batch. Go to the new History tab to see the list of batches exported. This new feature has the added function of creating a reverse journal.

Miscellaneous Screen Updates

The current loan balance has been added to the Post Payment screen.

New fields for Own/Rent," "Net Income," "Internal Score," and "Budget" have been added to the customer name and address screen.

The Lease Charges Master screen has been enhanced to support ALMSys Quotes.

The Amortization screen has been changed to allow for payment due day changes on loans.

The General Deal screen has been modifed to add "External Balance" fields.

The General Insurance screen has been modified to add license plate and driver information fields.

The print statement option on the General Billing screen has been expanded to add a new setting, "Only if amt owed > 0." This new setting will only generate a paper statement if there is any amount owed after billing.

Vehicle trim and transmission fields have been added to the General Vehicle screen.

New Reports and Report Revisions

A new report, "Underwriting Data Report and Export," has been added. This will create a spreadsheet for external underwriters.

A new report, "Underwriting Status Report and Export," has been added. This will create yet another spreadsheet for external underwriters. See the help documentation for details on what is exported for these two new reports.

A new report, "RVI Enrollment for CUNA," has been added.

A new report, "Gap Log," has been added.

The "Insurance Lapsed/Cancelled" report has been modified to add the license plate field.

A new report, "Insurance Lapsed/Cancelled: Condensed," has been added.

A new report, "Current Payment and Taxes," has been added.

The loan amount has been added to the "Loan Payment History" report.

A new report, "New Deal Projected Income," has been added.

The "Termination Projection Detail" report has been modified to add vehicle trim, lease ending odometer, and deal representative code.

The "Termination Projection Detail by Rep." report has been modified to add vehicle trim and lease ending odometer.

Lease Tax Changes

The ability to override a lease tax calculation percentage in order to calculate it off a reduced percentage of the base payment has been added. This will facilitate the event where the tax is to be calculated on a lower amount than what the base payment is. The beauty of this is that you no longer need to add multiple tax codes for one tax entity; you just select the tax code, mark that you are overriding the percentage, and then enter the percentage of the base payment for which the tax is to be calculated.