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Journal Batch Screen

This screen is used to create an accounting journal for ALMSys Accounting.

Layout / How Used
This screen is entered as the result of a request to create a journal that is to be exported to ALMSys Accounting. The current ALMSys Accounting database is displayed at the top of the screen.

The contents of this screen may be edited. To edit an existing detail line, double-click on it. To add a new list, click the Add New button. To delete a line, select it and then click the Delete button.

The Condense button is used to combine all entries that have the same ledger account and sub ledger account.

Tallies of positives and negatives are found at the bottom at the grid. 

Use the button to print the journal.

Before exporting to ALMSys Accounting (via the Export button), the following checks are made:
  • The journal must tally to zero.
  • The journal must have a title.
  • All ledger accounts must be valid.
  • Each line must have an amount other than zero.
  • If the ledger account requires a sub ledger, it must be present.
  • If the ledger account does not require a sub ledger, it must not be present.

    The resulting journal will be exported to ALMSys Accounting, and the necessary sub ledgers will be established.