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Set Locations

This is used to control the locations to be included in reporting, interfaces, multiple payment posting, etc.

Layout / How To
Locations are individually marked/unmarked by clicking on the corresponding check box for each location.

Locations may be sorted by any of the columns presented. Click on the corresponding column title to sort by that column.

To report for all locations, press the Mark All Locations button.

To clear all of the locations specified, press the Clear All Marks button.

Up to 5 Location Profiles may be saved for rapid location marking. Each profile will store the location marks as well as the fields for combining the locations on reports. Enter a description for your saved profile in the field provided. Location profiles are automatically saved for you. However, you will still need to save or abort your edits on the location check boxes themselves.

Separate vs. Combine Locations
If you have multiple locations defined in ALMSys, the reports will typically separate each location with its own subtotals. Combining the locations will provide one set of subtotals for all deals reported.