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Move Deal

This is called from the Deal Overall screen.

Used to move the current deal to a different account number. This is not account renumbering. The results will take this deal from this account and move it to another new or existing account.

Enter the target account number into the field provided. If this is to an existing account, you may use the grid to find the desired account and double click on it. Double-clicking on the existing account number will place it into the target account number field.

Once the correct target account number is in the box provided, click the Move Deal to Target Account Number button. The deal will be moved and you will be taken to the deal's new account. 

There are a few items to note:
  • The deal number assigned will be after the largest existing deal number for the target account. If this is to a new account, then deal #1 will be assigned.
  • If the move is to a new account, the existing name and address information will be copied to the new account.
  • If, after the move, the old account contains no deals, it is recommended to go back to the old account and delete the account from ALMSys.