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ALMSys Update Available

This screen is used to convey that an ALMSys program update is available. It only accessible for users with "ALMSys Updater" security set.

How To
Updating ALMSys is fairly easy to do. For this to work properly, you must:

1. Have the ability to download files from the Internet.

2. Have full security access to the ALMSysSQL folder and all subfolders. (You should have been given this when ALMSys was installed.)

3. Get everyone else out of ALMSys and ALMSys Quotes. Windows cannot replace a file if someone is using it.

Once these three items have been completed, click the Download ALMSys Updater button. This will download the latest version of this program from the website. When it has downloaded, it will tell you so. It will then kick you out of ALMSys and launch the ALMSys Updater program.

ALMSys Updater
The program will provide a list of one or more updates that need to be applied to get you up to date. Updates are done in order, one at a time.

Click the Start button at the top of the screen to begin the update process. The Updater will perform the following steps:

1. Retrieve a list of all files that need to be downloaded. You will see the grid populate as this process is active.

2. Download each file and place it in the proper folder. Again, you will be able to tell which file is being downloaded and speedbars at the top of the screen will track progress.

3. Convert any ALMSys table as needed. You will see a list of the tables that need to be converted and the status of each conversion.

4. Update ALMSys' control information with the new version information.

5. Transmit a message to ALMSys Support informing them of your successful version update.

6. Inform you that the update has been successful.

If there are any problems during the update, you will be notified. If the process is interrupted or fails for any reason, please contact Support as it may have left ALMSys unusable.

Again, each update is processed one at a time. If there are multiple updates, please repeat the process until all have been completed.