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E-Mail Queue Page

Layout / How To
Items appear on this page as a result of either splitting a report from the Print Queue. (See "E-Mailing Reports" in that topic) or generating mass e-mails from Account - Communication.

The E-Mail Queue acts exactly like the Print Queue. Each item in the queue is a report which may be viewed and printed. Items remain in this queue until you delete them.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a controlling notebook with tabs on the right side. There are three tabs:
  • Queue. This page manages the queue in the same fashion as the Print Queue.
  • Message. This page allows you to type an e-mail subject and message for the e-mails.
  • Send. The page controls the actual sending of the e-mails.

    So, what exactly gets sent? You are sending an e-mail, possibly with an attachment (if created from a report). The attachment is an Adobe Acrobat PDF-type document the is a representation of the report. What you see when you view the report is what your customers will see. Your customers do not need to have ALMSys nor any special report viewer; all they will need is Adobe Acrobat Reader. (ALMSys will include a link to to get this reader if they need it.) If the e-mail queue entry came from the Communications screen, then your customers will see an HTML e-mail with no attachment. (RTF documents are translated to HTML. They are not as pretty as HTML and will most likely double space between lines. HTML is recommended.)

    To Send the E-Mails
    Go to the Message page and type in the subject for the e-mails. If the e-mail is from a report, then you must enter a message as well. This will appear on each e-mail that is selected to be sent. Then, go to the Send page and determine the following:
  • Select which e-mail queue entries that are to be sent. There are three selection boxes that are to be used to identify the e-mail entries that you wish to send.
  • The Sent Column Controls allows you to mark or unmark e-mails as sent. 
  • Press the Send E-Mails Now button.

    You must be connected to the Internet in order for this to work. In particular, you must have already established your default e-mail client as well. (Microsoft's Outlook Express works very well with this feature.)

    As each e-mail is sent, it will be marked as sent with the current date and time.

    Again, entries will remain in the E-Mail Queue until you explicitly delete them. You may wish to wait for a few hours to make sure that your e-mails do not "bounce" back as undeliverable. 

    Resending / Fixing E-Mail Queue Entries
    The E-Mail address in the E-Mail Queue may be edited/corrected in order to resend an e-mail. Simply click into the field and type your changes.

    If you have already corrected the account e-mail information, you can use the right mouse button to pop up a list of available e-mail addresses for the customer. Simply select the corrected address from the pop-up and it will be filled into the grid for you.