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Set Locations

Main Menu - Location - Set Locations

Layout / How To
Locations are individually marked/unmarked by clicking on the corresponding check box for each location.

Locations may be sorted by any of the columns presented. Click on the corresponding column title to sort by that column.

To report for all locations, press the Mark all Locations button.

To clear all of the locations specified, press the Clear all Marks button.

Up to 5 Location Profiles may be saved for rapid location marking. Each profile will store the location marks as well as the fields for combining the locations on reports.

How Locations Are Reported
Typically, ALMSys will sort and subtotal each report by location number. You can override this report breaking by indicating that you wish to combine the locations. When you combine locations, ALMSys will print "(Combined Locations)" as the report subtitle, rather than a location name. You may override this subtitle where indicated at the bottom of the screen.