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ALMSys is a secure system. The ALMSys System Administrator has the ability of adding, editing, and deleting users as necessary. Each user of ALMSys must have a unique user id.

Note: If you make changes to an existing user, the changes will take effect the next time that the user logs on.

Layout / How To
Add new users using the button or by selecting File - New from the menu.

You can create a new user from a copy of another user by using the button. All of the user's abilities will be copied to the new user.

Users may be deleted by selecting the user and then selecting File - Delete from the menu. ALMSys will attempt to delete all of the user's print queue entries and related files.

Temporary Files
Each user must have a unique location in which to store temporary files. Each new user will start at the main "users" folder of ALMSys, followed by a "NEW" folder name. Please change this folder name to the user's name and click the Create Folder button. (When a user is deleted, the user's folder is NOT deleted. You may need to manually clean this up.)

You can redirect the user's temporary files to anywhere you wish. However, if the user changes to a different PC, the same path needs to be available. It is recommended to leave the temporary path to the user's folder under the ALMSysSQL\Users directory.