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Export New Deal File

Main Menu - File - Export Deal

Used to create an ALMSys new deal file (ADF) for export to a different ALMSys installation or a different lease/loan tracking system.

Layout / How To
Before entering this screen, the account and deal number should be selected. Verify that the information is correct.

Choose the file destination (folder and name) for the exported data. By default, the control number is used as the file name. If a control number is not present, the account number is used. Press the Choose File Destination button if you need to change the information displayed.

Press Create Export File to create the resulting new deal file. A confirmation message will display when completed.

The layout of the ADF file is explained in help topic New Deal File Interface.

A CSV export may also be created, but it is not a fully detailed new deal file. It only contains control number, lessee name, address, city, state/province, primary home phone, primary work phone, primary cell phone, primary date of birth, year, make, model, lease capitalized cost, term, interest rate, payment amount, first payment due date, transit routing (CC/ACH), and account number (CC/ACH).