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Quotes View / Print / Export Documents

This screen is accessed through the Scenarios screen.

To print forms for a lease scenario.

Layout / How To
All of the forms and reports that are available to print for a scenario are listed on the right side of the screen. If any forms groups have been set up, they will be listed first.

Select the forms to be viewed, printed, or exported by checking their corresponding check boxes. Then, click the Retrieve Selected Form(s) button to pull them into the box on the left.

You may view a form by selecting it in the box on the left and then pressing the button. A form may be printed from within the viewer.

Use the button to send the selected document to the customer as a PDF attachment. You will need to set up your email settings on the Tools - Preferences screen before this will work.

Use the button to export the form as a PDF file. You will be asked where to save it and what to name it. By default, it will be assigned a name that consists of "control number-form name.pdf". However, you may change the name to whatever works for you.

Use the Print All button to print all of the forms listed in the box on the left.

Use the All As One button to take all of the forms in the box on the left and make one big PDF of all of them combined. By default, it will be assigned a name that consists of "control number-CombinedForms.pdf". (It will also create individual PDF files for each form in the same directory.)