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Quotes Vehicle Inventory Costs

This screen is accessed from the Vehicle Inventory Details screen.

To provide a screen to maintain vehicle inventory costs.

Layout / How To
This grid lists all of the costs associated with the vehicle inventory record.

Use the button to add a new cost item.

Use the button to edit an existing cost item. You may double-click on an item to edit it as well.

Use the button to delete a costs item.

Costs Edit Screen
The costs edit screen is tuned into whether you are using ALMSys Accounting or not. If so, you will be selecting vendors from the accounting system's vendor list. If not, you will be using vendors from ALMSys Quotes. 

ALMSys Accounting vendors may only be set up in ALMSys Accounting. If you have a new vendor, then you will need to type in the information in the fields provided on the screen.

ALMSys Quotes vendors may be added via the button on the screen. Once set up, you may "Use Selected Vendor" and it will fill in the screen for you.

Use the button to view and print the Invoice Authorization for the cost on the screen.