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Quotes Quote - Finalize Deal

Quote - Finalize Quote

This screen is the last thing you do to turn a quote into a deal. All documents and forms need to be printed before completing this screen.

Its main purpose is to ensure that all of the proper file entries have been made in the Quotes system.

The left column of this screen will be filled with various images that reflect the status of the item. You may see any of the following pictures:

The item has not been completed and is required.

The item has been completed.

The item is not applicable to this type of quote. 

The item does not contain a VIN. Go to the corresponding edit screen and make sure that a VIN has been assigned.

The status for the item cannot be determined due to a previous NO button on the screen.

The item has error(s) which must be corrected before proceeding. For a Trade In, the odometer and actual cash value fields must not be zero. For the Sales Log, the Internal Account Number must be specified.

All related stock numbers are displayed in the Stock Numbers Used for this Quote box. If the quote has not been finalized, you may edit and update these numbers in that box, but only if a corresponding Update button is present after the field. You may not update a trade in stock number that has already been received into inventory from this screen.

Some items require records to be written or updated in the files. Completing all of the items on this screen will ensure that your ALMSys Quotes files have integrity and have complete information. The files that are updated are:
  • Vehicle Inventory. All trade ins need to be added to this file. Once added, you will be taken to the inventory record so that you may verify the information and, if needed, dispose of the vehicle. Lease records need to be disposed of as a lease. Sales and purchase records need to be disposed of as a sale. You may always go to the inventory information and alter the information as needed.
  • Warranty Log. All third party service contract need to be added to this file.
  • Lease Log. All leases need to be added to this file.
  • Sales Log. All purchases and loans need to be added to this file.

    Once all of the records have been updated, you may deactivate the quote. This will lock the quote from any further updating. It will also make sure that the preferred scenario has been locked.

    Post Date
    Before writing records to the Sales Log or deactivating the quote, please make sure that the Post Date is set to the correct month and year. This will affect the Profit/Loss and Sales Tax reports. It will also affect the default posting date for any accounting journals.