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Payments Interface Batch Control

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To provide a list of payment batches that have or will be exported.

Layout / How To
Payment batches will be displayed in the grid by most recent first. You may sort the grid by clicking on any column's heading.

Open batches will appear in white; already exported batches will appear in yellow. You may control what appears in the grid by the "Batches to Show" selection at the top of the screen.

You may add a comment to any batch by right-clicking on it in the grid.

To edit a payment batch, double click on it in the grid, or single click on it and then click the button. You will be taken to the Payment Batch screen.

To start a new batch, click the button. It is not recommended to have more than one open payment batch at a time. Payments are always added to the most recent open batch. When a payment is posted, it will automatically create a new batch if there are no open batches, so this button would rarely be used.

Batches may be deleted via the button. This does not delete payments, but it does remove them from the payment batch.