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Report: Projected Profit and Sales

To provide a printed report of projected profit and new sales.

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - - Reports

This report must be run with a date range in the future from the current date. For example, if projecting twelve months of profit and today is June 12th, then set the start date to July 1st and the end date to June 30th of next year.

If you have multiple locations, select the locations to be included and make sure they are marked as "Combine Locations."

It will take many steps to create this report. You must wait until all steps have completed in order to attain the results. The print queue entry will not be viewable until the final step has completed.

The resulting report will show the resulting projections in a month-by-month fashion. Actual numbers are based on amortization schedule values, current depreciation values, and leveraged financing amortization values. Projected profit is calculated by (Expense Reserve) + (Monthly Reserve) + (Lease Principal) + (Lease Interest) + Depreciation + Leveraged Interest + Funding Adjustment. If a profit is calculated, the end result will be negative.

This report will project sales and income, based on past history. From all of the leases to-date, an average lease will be calculated and used as projected sales and income. The projected lease count added each month will be an average count of new leases since the start of your portfolio through the end of the current month. (The later you run this in the month, the more accurate the projection data will be. That is, as long as all of the new leases have been input.)

An average depreciation will be calculated and used as projected depreciation. The projection will be reduced by the percentage of leases with depreciation to-date. For example, if 9 out of 10 leases have depreciation, then 90% of the depreciation monthly book will be used.

An average leveraged financing will be calculated and used as projected leveraged interest. The projection will be reduced by the percentage of leases with leveraged financing to-date. For example, if 6 out of 10 leases have leveraged financing, then 60% of the monthly leveraged financing interest will be used.

A separate report will be produced that will convey the projected calculation source data.

How Sorted
Month number (display as YYYYMM), Actual vs. Projected, account number, deal number. (Underlined sort fields cannot be overridden.)

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