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Organize Favorites

Main Menu - Favorites - Organize Favorites

Used to set up and maintain your favorite ALMSys screens and functions.

The left panel represents the list of items available to be added to your favorites. Only those items preceded with a red arrow may be added as a favorite. Each item may be added more than once.

Items on the left panel are organized by the menu or tabbed page on which they appear.

The right panel is used to construct and maintain your favorites list.

How To
To add an item to your favorites, use your mouse and drag the desired item to where you want it to be in your favorites list.

Your favorites list may be organized into folders. Use the New Folder button to add (and name) a folder. To add a folder within a folder, click on the folder in your favorites list in which you want to add. Then, click the New Folder button.

Use the hand buttons to move items in your favorites list up and down. Items may only be moved up and down within the same level (folder).

Separator lines may be inserted in the menu to keep your items organized. Please keep in mind that Windows will not display a separator line unless it has items above and below it.

Use the Delete button to delete any item in your menu. If you delete a folder, all items within that folder will be deleted as well.