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Audit Trail

Main Menu - Account - Audit

This screen is used to show all audit trail data for the entire account.

Layout / How-To
This screen will display all audit trail data that has been collected for the entire account (all deals).

The fields shown are:
  • #: A sequential number assigned when the audit trail record is written.
  • User I.D.: The ALMSys log-in user i.d.
  • Date / Time: Date and time of the record.
  • Deal: The deal number of the lease.
  • Action: The database action. A=Add, D=Delete, L=Login/Logout, U=Update.
  • Function: The entity reporting the audit information. This is usually the ALMSys menu selection from which the action was performed.
  • EyeCatcher: In association with Function, this is usually the screen name or other pertinent information regarding the entry.
  • Description: Description of the entry.

    Audit Trail