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Contact History

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Provides a means to keep notes of contact information with the borrower. This covers all deals for this account. Any contact with the borrower should be logged here. You may also set a reminder for a future event.

Notes may be qualified as overall customer or for a specific deal.

The left side of the screen will show all of the contact history, by date, for this account. To view a history item, simply click on it here. Events that are aqua in color represent active reminders. By default, the list of events will display in descending date order, so that the newest item is on top. The current sorted column will be teal with an indicator for the sort order (pointing up is descending order, down is ascending order). To reverse the order, simply click on the teal column header.

The top, right portion of the screen is for current event contact information.

The bottom, right portion of the screen is for activating/deactivating reminders.

You may limit the list of notes displayed for this customer as specified in the Limit View To selection at the very top of the display.

How To
For all history editing, be sure to press the save button at the top, left of the main menu screen.

New items may be added via the new button immediately beside Contact History at the top of the screen. You will be asked if you wish to add the new note under the current deal only or as an overall customer note. A new record will be added for today's date. Use the drop down arrow to change the date as desired. Events are chosen from a predefined list and will default to "Other." Use the three dots button to change the event.

You may set a reminder at any time by providing a reminder date (bottom of screen), a reminder event, a comment (if desired), and checking the Active box. Reminders (by default) will initially be set to one week from today's date (when the history item is added). Set this to whatever date is desired. Once a reminder is marked as active and saved, the entry in the contact history list will turn aqua.

Reminders are turned off by unchecking the active box and saving your changes.

A report of all outstanding reminders is available in reports.

A contact history item may be deleted by positioning to the unwanted item and pressing the delete button immediately beside Contact History at the top of the screen.

Automatic Entries
The following entries are automatically made to contact history:
  • Delinquency letter generated from any of the Delinquency reports.
  • Mass produced e-mails from a print queue entry on the Communicate screen.
  • Payment deferred from the Amortization screen.

    Contact History