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Names & Addresses

Main Menu - Account - Names

Holds account names, addresses, phones numbers, etc. for the account. Fields on this screen are account-wide.

SSN fields are protected and require security clearance to be displayed on the screen. When displayed, only the last four digits of the SSN will be displayed. You must click on the field in order to edit/view the number.

E-mail information is used for e-mailing reports to individual customers. Use the check box to allow this customer to be included when e-mailing reports. The e-mail address on this screen acts as the master e-mail address for all deals with this customer. E-mail information can be overridden on a deal-by-deal basis. You must have the check box marked on this screen for any of the deals to be included when e-mailing reports.

Group billing is established on this screen, meaning that if the account has multiple leases, you may summarize them on one statement for the account.

Bankruptcy is set on this screen. Turning this on will suppress delinquency notices and billing statements. It will not suppress information going to the credit bureau.

Group I.D. is set on this screen. This is a 15 character field and is used to allow the grouping of multiple accounts on the following:
  • Total Owed screen
    The Group ID is also used in reporting. You may take an existing print queue entry and see the same report for a specific group only.

    Limit Sum of All Cap. Costs to: This field is used to set an overall cap. cost limit against the sum of all cap. costs on all active leases for the customer. The field that is used is the Total Lease Cap. field from the Lease - Calcs screen. The current sum of all active leases is displayed after this field.

    Limit Percentage of Portfolio to: Similar to the Limit Sum of All Cap. Costs to field, this is used to set an overall cap. cost percentage as compared to all cap. costs in the active portfolio. The current percentage calculation is displayed after the field.

    The Portfolio by Customer report will show over limits based on active lease balances, and not total cap. cost. Should you be required to limit your customers by the current asset balance, then this is the report you want to run.

    How To
    Account notes are accessed via the Notes button at the top.

    The button will map the customer's address using Google Maps.

    Name & Address