ALMSys, Inc.

ALMSys® Quotes will create the forms necessary to produce your lease, loan, or purchase sales.

All forms are custom created for your business and all forms are designed for laser printers (8-1/2" x 11"). This system does not support dot matrix printers.

Features include:

  • Current and past inventory
  • Sales log, lease log, warranty log
  • Up to eight scenarios per quote, allowing you to quote a lease vs a loan, or different term options, or even different vehicles
  • Calculates different payment frequencies, such as monthly, weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually
  • Allows up to five trade-ins per quote
  • Vehicle inventory additional costs tracking
  • Title tracking
  • Optionally creates ledger journals for accounting
  • Easy transfer of finalized deal to ALMSys® Core for tracking
  • Terminating leases being tracked in ALMSys® Core may easily be pulled for inventory and/or disposal
  • Ability to override amortization schedule to introduce payment skips
  • Data import from Quorum XSellerator
  • Calculates US and Canadian Leases (and Loans)
  • Reports, including:
    • Sales tax
    • Inventory
    • Profit and Loss
    • Vehicle Logbook (from sales log)
    • and more

Form Examples

Here are some example PDFs of other customers' forms:

These are just a few of the possible forms that you would be able to create using ALMSys® Quotes.