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Payments: Balance Holding

Used to report balances owed on accounts or deals which have no leases or loans in ALMSys. A few ways to use this would be:
  • You receive a payment for a new deal, but the paperwork will not be received until later.
  • You had to terminate an deal, but you still want to report an amount owed. 
  • You converted to ALMSys from a different product which tied amounts owed to a customer, rather than a specific deal, and that customer has amounts owed from past deals.

    How To
    The grid on the left lists all of the records in Balance Holding. Use the button to add a new record. Use the button to delete an existing record.

    Input your information in the fields on the right. The amount may be negative (which will show that the customer is paid ahead) or positive (which will show that the customer owes money).

    All records input will be displayed on the Aging reports. The amounts will not age; they are there solely for A/R balancing purposes. The date on each Balance Holding record is the starting date for that balance. It will not appear on the Aging Report unless the date is either blank or it is before the report's ending date.