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Used to export a file to Intellect.

How To
Intellect is a proprietary collections product. Delinquency data will be exported in Intellect's format. (If you need file layouts, please contact ALMSys Support.) 

Use the buttons in the Interface Run Option box to select the date range to use for this export. The interface should be run as of today's date. When exported, 3 files will be created: 1) accounts.lse, 2) customer.lse, and 3) pmthist.lse. 

Exporting to Intellect is a very simple procedure. First, make sure the correct locations have been marked for processing. Then, select the desired Interface Run Option. This will begin the load process. This process is slow, as there are many special calculations that need to be performed on each lease for the export.

When the data load has been completed, the results will be displayed. The data may be resorted by any of the columns simply by clicking the corresponding column heading.

Create the export files by pressing the Export button. You will be asked for the folder to which the files are to be saved. The location will be remembered for future exporting. The final export process is also a bit slow, as it needs to gather additional customer, lease and payment data for exporting.