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Tools: Reminders - Recurring Set Up

This screen will allow you to set up periodic recurring reminders.

Layout / How-To
The current list of recurring reminders is located in the Recurring Entries box. Unless you are set up as Reminders System Administrator, you will only be able to see those recurring set up entries that have been set up by you or are marked as everyone can see.

To add a new recurring reminder, click the button at the top of the Recurring Entries box. (You may copy an existing recurring reminder by using the button.)

The box on the right (which only shows up when there are records present) will show the details of each recurring set up. If a recurring entry is active, it may not be edited. However, it may be deactivated or deleted.

Each reminder needs to have a Reminder and a Start Date. The Start Date must be set up for today or in the future. Choose the Frequency that suits your needs. If you choose semi-monthly, then you must provide the other day of each month for the entry in the Day 2 field.

A reminder can run forever, or you may specify a fixed number of Occurrences. Zero Occurrences means that it will run indefinitely.

You may tie the recurring reminder to a customer account number and deal. Click the Select Account and Deal button to select the deal for this reminder. Use the button to remove the assignment.

Use the Who Can See box to determine who can see this recurring reminder. (The Reminders System Administrator can always see all reminders.)

The Who Can Dismiss box is used to control who can dismiss the reminders created by this recurring reminder. (The Reminders System Administrator can always dismiss any reminder.)

Activating a Recurring Reminder
To activate a recurring reminder, click the Activate button. If any reminders are to be generated in the next 14 days, they will immediately be created. The Last Reminder Creation Date will contain the date of the last reminder created for this recurring reminder.

Deactivating a Recurring Reminder
To deactivate a recurring reminder, click the Deactivate button. Once deactivated, no additional recurring reminders will be created. If no reminders had been created, then the recurring reminder may be altered and activated again.

Deleting a Recurring Reminder
Use the button at the top of the Recurring Entries box to delete the indicated recurring reminder. Any reminders that already have been created will not be affected; only the recurring reminder setup record will be deleted.