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Preferences: Overall

Provides access to the majority of your personal preferences within ALMSys and ALMSys Quotes.

General Page
Use Web Help: If you are on a network version of ALMSys, then you will need to mark this as Yes. Microsoft goes way out of its way to block HTML displayed over a network. In this case, ALMSys needs to get your help topics from the Internet.  If you are on a standlone version of ALMSys, then either Yes or No should retrieve your help topics.

EMail Templates Editor: If you generate letters for customers, then you may select between the HTML editor or the RTF editor. The RTF editor does NOT send emails; only merge and print for a single deal is available. (THe RTF editor is a resurrection of the "Communicate" screen from ALMSys 6.5 and before.)

Change Password Page
This allows you to change your ALMSys logon password. Passwords are 4 to 8 characters and are NOT case sensitive. Follow the onscreen instructions to change your password.