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Tools: Other - Audit Trail Analysis

This is used to provide detailed field changes for the filters specified.

Layout / How To
At the top of the screen are filters that are used to limit the audit trail data. Once you have specified the filters, click the Get Audit Data button.

One key note about the audit trail is that it will always report the current account and deal being worked on, OR the last one worked on. You will see other audit records (for print queue, logon/logoff, admin, tools, etc.) that may have a customer account recorded on the record, but the function has nothing to do with that account.

Not all records will have field change information. Typically, you will only see field change information for "Account" screens that were updated.

The grid may be sorted by any of the column headers.

Reports Available
The following reports are available:

Audit Detail for Spreadsheet
This will place the exact screen contents into the print queue, and it is intended that you then use the Spreadsheet button to view the details.

Audit Trail Analysis
This report will show the screen contents in a report where the field changes will be listed beneath each detail line. The report will be displayed in the same order as the screen is sorted.