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Tools: General - Restore Accounting

This is used to restore an ALMSys Accounting database.

If you are completely restoring ALMSys Accounting, then please make sure that everyone is out of ALMSys Accounting before doing this.

ALSO, if you have more than one company, be careful that you restore data for that specific company. Each company is backed up separately.

Layout / How To
Use the Locate Backup File button to choose the backup file to restore. The database that you are restoring INTO is listed at the top of the screen. After selecting the backup file, the company name of the data being restored will be displayed. Please make sure that this company name matches the "Active Accounting Database" at the top. If it does not, then either start this screen over to pick a different backup file, or go to Administrative - Overall Control - Ledger tab to choose a different company.

Click the Restore the Files button to begin the restore. ALMSys will delete and redefine each file being restored. If you get any errors, please contact Support immediately.