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Mailings: Templates - Maintenance (RTF)

This is used to create and maintain mailing templates that are used in mail merges. This is an RTF editor.

Layout / How To
This screen is a complex RTF editor. It is highly recommended that you get training from Support before using this screen.

The concept of this screen is to create a document which contains special ALMSys field names that will, when merged, show customer information.

All templates need to be saved into the ALMSysSQL\Documents folder. This is very important.

Templates may be used for printing a mailing for a single deal only. 

With this editor, you can:
  • Insert pictures, such as your logo
  • Perform full document editing, much like a word processor
  • and more.

    Margins & Contact History
    You may control the printed margins and the contact history settings by clicking the Margins & Contact History button. Margins are set in inches.

    For this template, you may specify whether a contact history record is written when a mailing is printed. You must seek help from ALMSys Support for the remaining contact history settings.