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Payments: Import - From CSV File

This allows you to import a payment file from an external source. The file MUST be a CSV file type.

How To
In order to import a CSV file, the file MUST contain a payment amount, a payment date, and a control number. The control number is what is used to look up the deal in ALMSys (in the Control No. field).

The top box represents a definition of how the fields are laid out in the CSV file. Consider the following data file:

1,1,7/15/21 5:23 PM,3656,100.33,AIUEH,W9132
2,2,07/15/2021 5:24 pm,7100,200.66,ED39D,1073
3,3,7/15/2021 5:35 pm,3934,300.77,843OE,1359

Commas are used to separate the values. In this example, field 3 is a payment date, field 5 is a payment amount, and field 7 is a control number. On the screen, you would fill in the field numbers into the boxes provided.

If you wish to create a payment note, you can list up to four of the CSV file field numbers. For example, say you wanted to include fields 4, 6, and 3 in the payment notes. You would enter 4, 6, and 3 into the first three boxes and leave box 4 as zero. That would result in a payment note of "3656 AIUEH 7/15/21 5:23 PM" for the first record.

Select the type of payment in the Payments will be Posted As box.

All values set in this top box will be made available to ALL ALMSys users. 

The bottom box is used to perform the payments file import. Click the Open and Anaylyze File button to locate the file to be imported. (Each user may have CSV files in different locations. The program will start in the last location opened for that user.)

When the file is selected, the program will go through each record and display it in a grid. If the record is not OK, then the row will be red and contain an error message. (For errors, the Notes column will show the original CSV file input record.) If the error can be fixed, you will have to fix it in the CSV file and re-open the file.

Use the Create Payment File to Post button to create a multiple payments batch file of all non-error records. You will be taken to the Multiple Payments Grid Data screen for your batch. All records will be marked for posting and will be ready to post. Follow the instructions for that screen to continue.