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Interfaces: Other: Import From Spreadsheet

This will allow you to import a journal from a spreadsheet to pass through to your ledger. It has no effect on ALMSys data.

Layout / How To
The input for this must be an XLS or XLSX file, formatted as:

Column A: Ledger account
Column B: Amount (positive or negative)
Column C: Control Number

You may have header records above the data. Input the row number for the first data record.

All journals going through ALMSys must be associated with an export type. Select your export type from the list provided.

Provide the date for the journal.

Click the Import Spreadsheet button to locate your spreadsheet journal. Once selected, the program will read your data until it hits a blank ledger account in column A. The results will be displayed on the screen, in a journal format.

The control number is not required to be present, nor is it required to be a valid control number in ALMSys.

Amounts entered must be entered in such a way that your journal adds up to zero.