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Tools: Ledger - Account Control

This screen controls how some of the ledger accounts are handled when exporting to other ledger systems.

How To
The grid will contain all of the ledger accounts referenced from within ALMSys. This includes location settings, AMPTax codes, Lease Charges Master codes, and Other Journal Entries.

Click the Refresh Account List button to update the grid with the latest ledger accounts.

Double click on any account listed in order to edit the data.

Automatically condense on export? will create ONE record on the export for all entries for that ledger account. This would typically be used for those accounts that are not scheduled accounts, and you do not wish to see detail. A cash account for lease payments is a good example.

Export Order. For those interfaces that utilize the External Account Number field, this controls the order in which the external account number and control numbers are listed in the resulting export. CDK and DealerTrack would need to know this information, but XSellerator would not.

For ALMSys Accounting, Subledger Information. This will allow you to specify what is to be used as a subledger code within ALMSys Accounting, R&R, or Auto/Mate.