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Tools: General - Restore ALMSys

This is used to restore the ALMSys database or to restore a specific deal (or deals).

If you are completely restoring ALMSys, then please make sure that everyone is out of ALMSys and ALMSys Quotes before doing this.

When you are done restoring, either completely exit ALMSys OR click the "X Click Here to Close This Screen" button.

Layout / How To
Use the Locate Backup File button to choose the backup file to restore. 

This action will unzip the file and take you to the Restore Selected Files tab. All available files will be listed in the grid and most of them will be check marked for you. Use this tab to completely restore the ALMSys database.

Only those files that are marked in the Restore? column will be restored. Please refrain from restoring the Control file unless instructed to do so by Support.

Most of the time, you will want to perform a "Full" restore. The "Replace Only" restore is rarely used and please ask Support before using that option.

Click the Restore Marked Files button to restore ALMSys. The restore may take awhile, depending on the total number of deals in the database file being restored. When both speed bars are at 100%, the restore is complete.

Restoring Selected Deals
To restore a specific deal, go to the Restore Selected Deals tab.

Click the Load Deals button above the empty grid. This will load the grid with all deals and customer names. You may sort the grid by whatever grid heading desired.

Mark the "X" column on the right side of the grid for those deals that you wish to restore. When you are ready, click the Restore Marked Deals button. The speed bar will tell you the restore progress and you will be notifed when it has completed.