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Report: ALMSys Integrity

To report logical discrepancies in the ALMSys database.

How to Run
The ALMSys Integrity Check is a separate, standalone program. If you do not have a start menu entry for this program, you may run it from the ALMSysSQL\Program folder. (It is called, "ALMSysIntegrity.exe.")

It is a good idea that no one be in ALMSys while this program is running.

The Integrity checker can be run for one specific deal or for all deals in the database. To run for all deals, press the Check All Deals button. Then, sit back and wait while the program scans your data.

To run the program for a specific deal, press the Check One Deal button. A list of every deal in the database will be displayed. Double click on the deal that you wish to scan.

Use the Abort button to stop the scan. No results will be displayed if aborted.

The Integrity Check program looks at the ALMSys data from a number of different angles, looking for missing "links" from one file to another. A report is provided at the end. 

There are two types of messages that will appear on the report: warnings and errors. Warnings need no action and typically represent items that could be manually cleaned up in your ALMSys database. Errors need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Please have ALMSys Support assist you with cleaning up errors.

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