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Lease Company Information

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Used to maintain lessor information. Some of the information also pertains to loan operations.

Layout / How To
General Page
Holds the base name, address, and telephone information for the company. (At this point, the Site I.D. field is unused.)

Contacts Page
Stores the information for the various contacts at the company. These contacts, if specified, show up on various reports. (Typically, the letter and fax-type reports.) For example, the Insurance Contact will print on the Insurance Verification Fax and Mailer.

RVI / Deferred Revenue Page
The RVI is used in conjunction with the RVI Enrollment report or the RVI Enrollment for CUNA report.

The Deferred Revenue fields represent default values for individual deals. If you leave the Term as zero, then the deal will use its Term instead.

Depreciation Page
Depreciation default values are entered here. They are used when new deals are added, but may be overridden on a lease-by-lease basis.

Lease Term Page
Lease Termination Letter Fields
This is used in conjunction with the two lease termination letter templates (LeaseTermLetterOpen.rtf and LeaseTermLetterClosed.rtf) via the Communications screen.

The fields on this screen are used in the templates. You control the text and fixed amounts of up to five items. These five items are added to the lease end value and tallied for you. (If you need less than five items, leave the remaining items at $0.00 and edit the templates to your liking.)

You may apply tax to the tally (subtotal). Tax is calculated from the tax(es) assigned to the lease.

The termination letters have three built-in calculation fields:
  • {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcSubtotal}. This is the sum of the lease end value and all five amount fields on the screen. (Even though you may display less in the letter template, all five fields are in this tally.)
  • {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcTaxes}. This will itemize the tax calculations made against the {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcSubtotal} field. It will display the name of the tax, a tab over space, and the amount calculated. If the "Apply tax rates" box is unchecked, then nothing will be calculated and this field will be blank.
  • {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcTotal}. This is the sum of the {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcSubtotal} and tax amounts from the {CalcLeaseCoTermCalcTaxes} fields.

    The templates make use of the Terminations contact name and phone number that are found on the Contacts tab. Please fill this in accordingly.

    Lease Termination Worksheet Defaults
    These are overall defaults used when adding new leases. They are used on the Vehicle Termination Worksheet screen.