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Who Is Logged On

Main Menu - Tools - Who is Logged On

If you have a network version of ALMSys, this screen will show you who else is currently logged on.

You will see the user i.d., name, logon date, and logon time for each user logged on to ALMSys. You will also see if they are logged on to ALMSys or ALMSys Quotes.

Should a user appear that you know is NOT currently logged on, then that means that the user abnormally terminated the ALMSys session, or that ALMSys found a severe error and terminated itself. In either case, having the user logon and logoff will correct the screen.

Forcing a User Off
If you have the authority to set up ALMSys security, then you will see a Force User Off button. This button will cause the user to be automatically logged off of ALMSys or ALMSys Quotes within 15 seconds. (This forced logoff will only work if the user is on the main screen of the program.)