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Lease Cash Flow Screen

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To provide a cash flow and profit report for a lease.

Layout / How To
When the lease was saved, the Prorated and Capitalized Cost Reduction amounts were filled into the fields at the top. If these fields are zero and there are supposed to be values, then please fill them in. (Go to the Lease Calculations screen if you need to determine these amounts.) The reason that there are separate fields for these values is that when a deal is imported from an outside source, sometimes ALMSys does not know that they were part of the net capitalized costs or due on delivery amounts.

Press the Calculate Cash Flow button to update the cash flow calculations.

The cash flow calculations are automatically calculated on the following events:
  • New lease add
  • Depreciation change
  • Leveraged financing change
  • Base lease payment change
  • Payment defer
  • Payment due day change
  • Lease extension

    The first line of the grid is populated with the depreciation start value, the leveraged financing loan amount, the prorated amount (in the Base Lease Payment field), and the sum of the capitalized cost reduction and the prorated amount in the Monthly Cash Flow field.

    All lines after that run on a month-to-month calculation, based on when depreciation and leveraged financing starts. Base lease payments will populate based on the due dates in the amortization schedule. If you have a non-monthly lease payment, then the sum of the base payments found in each month will be presented.

    Leveraged financing will stop at the end of its amortization schedule. Lease payments will stop at the end of its amortization schedule. Depreciation does not stop and will be shown through the latest end date between lease payments and leveraged financing payments.

    Column values are as follows:
  • Depreciation Book Value. The book value for the month presented. If you have multiple iterations of depreciation, it will be reflected.
  • Leveraged Financing Principal Balance. The principal balance of the loan at the end of each month.
  • Leveraged Financing Interest. The estimated monthly interest payment.
  • Leveraged Financing Accumulated Interest. The running sum of leveraged financing interest.
  • Base Lease Payment. The amount of the lease payment before taxes.
  • Monthly Profit. Base lease payment minus the current month book depreciation minus the current month leveraged financing interest. (Payment - Deprecation - Interest)
  • Accumulated Profit. The running sum of monthly profit.
  • Monthly Cash Flow. Base lease payment minus the current month leveraged financing interest minus the current month leveraged financing principal. (Payment - bank payment)
  • Accumulated Cash Flow. The runnng sum of monthly cash flow.

    Cash Flow Screen