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Location Settings: CC/ACH HSBC1464

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This is used to maintain the HSBC1464 (HSBC Bank Canada) ACH settings. (Please coordinate the setting up of your credit card/ACH processing with ALMSys Support. This setup tends to get very technical and there are protocols/channels that need to be adhered to.)

This setting is only available in Canada.

Layout / How To
You must coordinate setting up this interface with HSBC. Please contact them directly and tell them that you are establishing an "CPA005 / CPA1464" interface.

Customer Number: This is the 10-character number assigned to you by HSBC.
Customer Name: A 30-character name for your business. It will be uppercased for you.
Customer Name (Short): A 15-character name for your business. It will be uppercased for you.
Scotiabank Data Center: This is the 5-digit code for the HSBC data center that will be processing your file.
Transit Routing Number: This is a 9-digit number that of the format 0YYYXXXXX, which is a zero, followed by the 3-digit institution number, followed by the 5-digit branch number. (HSBC's institution number is 016, so your code will most likely start with "0016.")
Account Number: The account number into which the funds will be deposited from your customers.
Last File Number Used: The file number increments for each batch created. HSBC wants these batches submitted in chronological order, typically starting at 1. To start at 1, this number must be set to zero. It will be incremented for each batch as they are exported.
Are you creating a test file? Initially, HSBC will want to see a test file to make sure all is well. Set this to Yes before exporting the batch in order to create a test file. Once approved, set it back to No. You must coordinate all test submissions with HSBC.