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Workstation Setup

This will help you set up an workstation for a network installation of ALMSys. It is assumed that ALMSys has already been installed.

Step 1: Path to the Server
Each user must have the same path to the queue, query, and users folders. A drive letter must be assigned that will remain constant for each ALMSys user. Each user must have full control of the network ALMSysSQL folder.

Step 2: Screen Resolution
The monitor's resolution must be set to a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels.

Step 3: ALMSys Short-Cut
Establish a short-cut to the ALMSys.exe file. This is most likely in the server's ALMSysSQL\Program folder. There is an option to create menu entries and short-cuts on the ALMSys installation CD-ROM.

Step 4: Security
Make sure that ALMSys security (Tools-Security-Overall Security) has been completed for this user. This includes the establishment of the user's work directory.