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Quotes Reports

Button from main screen

To provide reports for the Quotes system.

Layout / How To
The top of the screen is used to set the date range for the desired report. You may set the date range manually on the two calendars or you may set it from the speed buttons presented.

The list of reports available are underneath the date range settings. To run a report, click down the report you want and then press one of the buttons in the Report Controls box. 

Reports Available
Master Log. This shows all vehicles in inventory which are not actively being quoted. The date that the vehicle was active in inventory is used for the report date range.

Lease Control Log. This shows all leases which have been finalized. The date of the lease is used for the report date range. The Lease Control Log by Rep will sort, break, and subtotal by rep code.

Profit and Loss Statement. This shows all vehicles from the Sales Log File whose post date falls in the date range provided. The profit/loss calculation is simply Sales Price minus Purchase Price (which is set from ACV). The Gross Profit column is a running tally of profit/loss. Please note that this report uses the post date from the sales log record, and is displayed as m/yyyy on the report. To include vehicles that were re-leased from inventory, provide the name of your leasing company (exactly as it appears in the lease log records) in the space provided. The report will pull any lease in the date range that has this name as the selling dealer. It will then pull the corresponding quote (matching by control number) and then retrieve the inventory record for the profit/loss calculation.

Resale Products Log. This shows all records from the Resale Products Log File whose sold date falls in the date range provided. The report is grouped and tallied by product.

Service Contract Remittance Log. This shows all service contracts from the Warranty Log File whose warranty sold date falls in the date range provided.

Sales Tax Reports. There are three sales tax reports. Each report extracts 1) Service Contracts sold in the date range, 2) finalized Leases with lease dates in the date range, 3) Warranty refunds in the date range, 4) retail sales and buyouts in the date range (from the Sales Log and uses the Post Date field), 5) lease payments from the daily payments interface that have been posted to the ALMSys External Payments Taxes screen, and 6) Resale Products sold in the date range. The Sales Tax by County shows a summary by the county descriptions provided and is to be used to facilitate sales tax filing. The Sales Tax Cross Reference is merely a cross reference to see which codes were used together.