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VIN Renumber / Reassign

Main Menu - Vehicle - Renumber

Used to renumber a VIN or to reassign new or existing collateral to a deal.

How To
Enter the new or changed VIN in the space provided and press Next.

Renumber/New Collateral
If the VIN you provided odes not exist on file, you have two options:

1. To simply renumber the VIN (usually due to input error).

2. Add as new collateral. This is very rarely done and is used in the event that you are replacing the existing collateral for this deal with new (or different) collateral. This is done without changing the monthly payment or other aspects of the deal. If you choose this option, a new collateral will be added and you will be taken to the general vehicle information screen to complete the description of the new collateral.

Existing Collateral
If the VIN you provided already exists on file, then you may press the Reuse Existing Collateral to assign the collateral to this deal.