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Quotes Numbered Forms Control

Forms - Numbered Forms Control

To control the look and set the number for forms which require a sequential, unique number.

Layout / How To
Master forms have been coded to either allow or disallow form numbering. The grid presented is a list of all forms which allow numbering.

Double-click on the form in the grid in order to pop up the edit screen that controls that form's numbering. The number may contain a 5-character prefix and/or a 5-character suffix. You may specify the number of digits to display for the number between 2 and 9. Finally, you may specify your starting number between 1 and 999,999,999.

The numbering takes place when you view/print/email a form. The quote will retain the number assigned, so it does not matter how many times you view or print it from the same quote, it will keep the same number assignment. (This is assigned on a quote basis, not a scenario basis.)