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Leveraged Financing Information

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Used to track the leveraged financing for this vehicle (or collateral). This is typically used for leases only.

Layout / How To
Overall leveraged finance notes may be viewed/edited by pressing the Notes button at the top of the screen. 

Leveraged financing lease payments to the bank history may be viewed by pressing the Lease Payments to Bank button at the top, right of the screen. More information on lease payments to the bank may be found in topic, "Leveraged Financing Lease Payments to Bank."

Use the Copy Values from a Different Deal button to copy leveraged financing values from any other deal (that has leveraged financing).

The asset number is the number that you have assigned to the collateral.

The Exclude this deal from leveraged financing reports and journals field will cause this data to not appear on monst of the leveraged financing reports and ledger journals. It was added specifically to facilitate the Spread Disbursement Journal report. Please see the General Deal screen for more information.

Bank Information
Bank Information (or whomever financed the collateral) is kept for each lease. See Leveraged Financing Bank Maintenance for more information. You must assign a bank in order for this leveraged information to appear on reports.

The Start Date is the date of the bank note. Interest will start calculating from this date.

The End date is calculated for you, based on the date of 1st payment and the term.

The Day Due is the day of the month on which payments are due to the bank.

The Date of 1st Pmt is the date on which the first payment is due to the bank. This may sound obvious, but this date must agree with the Day Due field. If the two fields do not coincide, then the calculations & reporting will not work correctly.

There are two types of calculations: Standard and Even Principal (with Balloon). Fill out the side that matches your loan.

ALMSys will allow you to use a varying interest rate as provided by the bank. Please read help topic How to Use Leveraged Financing Varying Interest Rate for more details.

The Payback Factor on the Even Principal side is sometimes provided by the bank. If not provided, and this is even principal financing, then you will have to calculate this by providing the Base Price, Term, and Monthly Payment Amount (on the Standard side). Then, click the Payback Factor Calculator button after the Payback Factor field. (Make sure all other calculation fields and dates are input before calculating in order to avoid error messages.)

The monthly payment is calculated by pressing the Calculate Payment button. ALMSys uses the spreadsheet calculation type in order to determine the monthly payment amount for "Standard" Calculation Types. (See Calculation Types for the formulas used in all calculations.)

To Terminate
Leveraged financing is terminated as follows:
  • Mark "Terminated" in the Status box at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the termination date in the field after the Status box on the Calcs page.
  • Press the Calculate Payoff button. If you are paying off on a scheduled payment due day, take note that ALMSys will assume that this payoff is being made in lieu of the payment. The accounting interface exports will also make this same assumption.
  • Contact the bank to verify the payoff. Correct the Principal Payoff and Interest Portion fields accordingly.
  • The Total Payoff will reflect the total amount needed to pay the financing off.

    Payoff date and check number fields are provided.

    XSellerator Users: The amounts in the two fields in #4 are passed through the interface, if present. If you do not wish to pass these fields, then stop after steps 1 & 2 on the screen.

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