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Vehicle - Warranty

To provide warranty information for the vehicle assigned to the scenario. 

Each scenario may have a different vehicle assigned. Therefore, this screen is repeated for each scenario and controlled by the buttons at the top of the screen.

There are three types of warranties on this screen. Each are separated in their own columns.

The New Vehicle warranty applies to new vehicles only, OR, to a used vehicle that is having its new vehicle warranty transferred to the new owner. If a vehicle has been assigned from inventory, then you will see an additional refresh button. Use this button when the warranty information has changed on the inventory record and you need to copy the new values down to this quote.

If you, as the Lessor, are issuing a warranty, then fill out the Lessor Limited Warranty column.

Use the Third Party Service Contract column for all aftermarket and extended warranties.

If any of the warranties have an associated cost, then you will need to assign a charges detail item to the scenario (cap or non-cap) for this cost. The master code for this cost must be tagged as one of the following:
  • New Vehicle Warranty Transfer Fee
  • Limited Warranty
  • Third Party Service Contract

    The resulting fee will show in the box at the bottom of the screen.