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Vehicle - General

To provide additional information for the vehicle assigned to the scenario. 

Each scenario may have a different vehicle assigned. Therefore, this screen is repeated for each scenario and controlled by the buttons at the top of the screen.

If you have security clearance for Vehicle Inventory, then a button will display which will alow you to go directly to the vehicle inventory record for this vehicle.

The Ending Odometer is required for leases. If you know the annual mileage and the staring odometer, then press the Calc End Odom button and it will calculate the ending odometer for you. (You also would need to already have the Term filled in on the scenario screen.)

The Purchase Agreement Information is used for the Purchase Agreement form only. Refer to your Purchase Agreement form for the fields that pertain to your situation. Although there are 30 Buyer's Representation fields on the screen, your specific Purchase Order may only have 13 fields. In this case, only fill out the first 13.

The Title Application Information area provides gateways to specific screens in order to complete title and license plate application forms. Choose the button that matches the form you are needing to complete. See also WI MV11.