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Moving Deals

Main Menu - Deal - Move

Used to move the current deal to a different, existing account. This is not account renumbering. The results will take this deal from this account and move it to another existing account.

How To
  • Begin the move process by pressing Move on the Deal menu.
  • If moving to an existing account, select the destination account number from the list provided and press OK. (Or, simply double click on the desired account.)
  • If moving to a new account number, press the New Account button. Then, provide the new account number in the space provided and press OK. (Press OK on the "Search" list to continue.)
  • Carefully review your selection and confirm by pressing Yes.

    As a result, the deal will be moved to the new account and will be assigned the next deal number for the destination account. (When moving to a new account number, it will always be "deal 1." Also, the current account's information will be a copied to the new account.)

    If this was the last deal in the old account, then all that will be left of the old account will be the name and address information. You may purge this with via File - Delete from the menu.