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Location Settings: Billing

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This is used to maintain billing settings.

Layout / How To

The Remit Payments To field is used to convey the name of the entity to which that the lessee is to make checks payable.

The Return Mailing Address is used to override the location's main address for printing on statements and coupons.

The Broadcast Message on Each Statement area represents five lines of sixty characters that will print at the bottom of each billing statement.

Overriding Report Templates
If you have the need to different statement/report templates for different locations, then you may specify the overriding template names in the spaces provided. (For example, you would want to override these templates if you had a different logo for different locations.)

In order to override a report template:
  • ALMSys Support will create the template for you
  • ALMSys Support will create the "QueryMaster" entry so your template may be viewed