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Location Settings

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This is used to maintain data specific to a location or multiple locations.

Layout / How To
Location settings is an extension of Location Maintenance. Its big advantage is that is allows you to make one set of entries (such as ledger accounts) that affect multiple locations. This saves you having to specify the same set of data for each location; you specify them once and then assign the locations to your settings.

The screen is laid out with a list of the existing location settings definitions in the blue grid on the left, and a listing of the locations assigned to the selected location setting on the right. This listing also show any locations which are available to be assigned to the selected setting.

There are multiple categories of maintenance items. These categories are:
  • Billing  These are default billing settings for new deals, as well as billing settings for statements.
  • CC/ACH These are control settings for credit card/automated clearing house (EFT) and are used when exporting batches to your bank.
  • Credit Bureau  These are control settings for reporting to the credit bureau(s).
  • New Deal  These are new deal defaults (for both leases and loans).
  • Ledger These are ledger account settings.

    Even if you only have one location, you will need to establish a location setting for each category. 

    To add a new location setting, click the new button . An "Add New Locations Setting" window will pop up. First, select the category. If you select CC/ACH, you will need to further specify a subcategory to tell ALMSys which type of export is desired. Last, give this setting a title that will help remember what the setting is for. Click Save. Your category will now appear in the grid on the left. The corresponding edit screen will display. Make sure you save your edits before exiting these edit screens.

    The next step is to assign locations. Click the Assign Locations button. You will be presented with a "Location Settings Assign Locations" window. On that window, all available locations will be listed. (You may only assign a location once per overall category.) Check the boxes for the locations desired and then click Save.

    The last step is to edit the location settings data. Do this by clicking the Edit Data button, or by double-clicking on the location setting in the grid.