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Changes from the Previous Version

Version 6.6
  • Added an overall General Ledger Account Control table. This table brings more flexibilty to the CDK ledger exports, where you can specify, on an account-by-account basis, whether an account is exported as control number first or external account number first. For any ledger type, this table also allows you to specify if an account is to be automatically condensed.
  • The BIllings export ledger interface will now automatically condense for you.
  • Manual payment posting will now allow future payments to be posted, but only up to 30 days into the future.
  • Added ability to alter the original lease end value on a lease.
  • Changed Payoff to allow payoffs up to 30 days into the future.
  • Added Cash Flow (Profit) screen, Lease Cash Flow Detail report, and Lease Cash Flow Summary report.
  • Added Lease Buyout Schedule (screen).
  • Altered the interface export for payment batches to use the payment made date and posted date when exporting to XSellerator.
  • Added "Termination Risk Evaluation (Deal Date)" report.
  • Modified ACH export to create warning messages when deals are not included due to a set up error.
  • Changed Quotes Profit and Loss Statement to include re-leases.
  • Added "Additional Interest Journal" accounts for billing journal accounting exports.
  • Added "License Tabs Renewal (Date Range)" report.
  • Added "Payments Marked Items" report to multiple payments screen.
  • Added ability in Quotes to calculate capitalized taxes automatically for rebates and cap. cost reductions.
  • Added subledger options for ALMSys Accounting within the General Ledger Account Control table.
  • Added calculations and reports for balancing by lease receivables and unuearned interest.
  • Altered loan statements to include last two payments made.
  • Added ability to not include late fees in collections module.
  • Added new deal option to confirm location selected.
  • Added Lease Counts report.
  • Added operating lease test to Quotes.
  • Added flexible lease end date and ability to change existing lease end dates.
  • Added "Service Contracts Export to Excel" report in Quotes.
  • Changed the names at the top of the orange box to reflect the borrower and co-borrower for the selected deal.
  • Added ability of exports to XSellerator to use the Deal's External Number rather than the control number.
  • Added sort override for Deal External Number.
  • Added Deal External Number to Aging, Aging (Owed Only), Depreciation, and Leveraged Financing Amortization Schedule reports.
  • Added short excel export from ledger interface screen. (Ledger, amount, control #, description.)
  • Added "Spreadsheet Disbursement Journal" report and spreadsheet.
  • Added the deal acquisition cost to the Deal General screen.

    Version 6.5
  • Added External Payment Taxes file and screens to convey payments imported from the Daily Payment Interface program.
  • Added ability to requery a print queue entry for a specific customer group ID.
  • Added Deferred Revenue feature and report. Also added ledger numbers and journal creation functions for deferred revenue.
  • Added billing override switch to tell export interface program to allow term 1 billings to be processed.
  • Added leveraged financing balance to the Portfolio by Customer report.
  • Added speed button to go directly to overall account notes.
  • ALMSys Quotes changes.
  • Changed Payments Scheduled Report to add the ability to export a CSV file.
  • Changed deal export to be able to also create a CSV file.
  • Added "External Balance Comparison Report."
  • Added "Export Loan Journal for Full Month" screen and export.
  • Added ability to specify a "How Paid" for all payments in the multiple payment post.
  • Changed payment interface export to treat negative S payments as late fees charged.
  • Added NSF quick fill button to payment post screen.
  • Added Late Fee Charge quick fill to payment post screen.
  • Added screen to allow the modification of the capitalized cost reduction for an active deal.
  • Added "Depreciation Net Book Value Report."
  • Added preference to use web help rather than local help.
  • Added Balance Holding.
  • Added overall account alert and tab color change.
  • Added scrolling alert marquee for overall alerts, deal alerts, and payment alerts.
  • Added ability to limit an AMPTax master to a maximum amount.
  • Added ability to define a new lease as prepaid.
  • Added "Lease Combined Summary" report.
  • Added "Aging Report (Only Those With Owed)" report.
  • Added statement message override lines on a per-deal basis.
  • Added "Termination Risk Evaluation" report and spreadsheet.
  • Added new fields to track lien registration date and lien end date (on Insurance - General screen), and added "Insurance Liens at Termination" report.
  • Added "Lease Combined Summary: No Lev. Fin." report.
  • Added "Lease Combined Summary: With Lev. Fin." report.
  • Added bank interface for HSBC Bank Canada.
  • Added "Duplicate VINs" report.
  • Added bank interface for ATB Financial Canada.
  • Changed ACH (recurring) to allow more than one payment on same day from same deal. Multiple payment post was changed to do this as well.
  • Added type of lease (for open/closed) and the "Lease Open/Closed Report".
  • Added "Contract Status File" creation (for external programs to query into)
  • Added Pay by Group I.D. feature.
  • Added Insurance PPSA tracking and report.
  • Added "CC/ACH Batch Report by Settlement Day" report.
  • Added posting by settlement day to CC/ACH details screen.
  • Changed loan balance calculations so that negative (NSF) payments show up properly in the calculations and detail reports.
  • Added loan amount to the Loan Status screen.
  • Changed CC/ACH detail screen to allow a day range for adding accounts by reccuring day.
  • Added Resale Products Log to ALMSys Quotes.
  • Added ALMSys Dashboard.
  • Added Lease Termination Decision Retention field. Placed on Payoff Journal.
  • Added "Lease Status Statement" report.
  • Added ability to post and report any recurring payment cycle. ACH and Multiple Payment screens will now extract recurring payments by date range. The "Payments Scheduled Report" will report all payments due based on their payment schedule, as determined by either the amortization schedule or recurring payments schedule.
  • Altered License Plate Tabs Expiration Month to be a date and added it to the new Dashboard.
  • Added planned long term growth calculations to the quick calc screen.

    Version 6.4
  • Changed delinquency and aging to include late fees. This was removed in version 5.6, however, that was a mistake to do so. All portions of what was charged will now age.
  • Added options to clear and reset settlement days for CC/ACH batches.
  • Added the "CDK Expert Mode" to the interface exports.
  • Added current loan balance to the payment post screen.
  • Added new fields to the customer name and address screen for "Own/Rent," "Net Income," "Internal Score," and "Budget."
  • Added "Underwriting Data Report and Export" that will create a spreadsheet for external underwriters.
  • Added TD EFT 80 payments interface for TD Bank (Canada).
  • Change DealerTrack export to create DealerTrack ".gle" type files, rather than ".csv".
  • Added the ability to save exported journal interface batches.
  • Added the ability to override a lease tax calculation percentage in order to calculate it off a reduced percentage of the base payment.
  • Added "Underwriting Status Report and Export" that will create a spreadsheet for external underwriters.
  • For leases, negative "S" payment posts now mean "Late Fee Assessed."
  • Revised CC/ACH NACHA interface to allow for balanced batches.
  • The payoff screen has been completely rewritten and modernized.
  • Revised multiple payment screen and CC/ACH interface screen to post loan payments.
  • Changed amortization screen to properly set the next due day based on the payment frequency.
  • Added ALMSys Quotes add-on module
  • Added lease charges master fields to be used in ALMSys Quotes
  • Remove the create substitute statement button form the payment history.
  • Added new deal import from ALMSys Quotes.
  • Allowed loans to perform a due day change.
  • Added "RVI Enrollment Report for CUNA."
  • Added "Gap Log" report.
  • Added external balance and external balance date fields to the Deal - General screen.
  • Added license plate and driver fields to the Insurance - General screen.
  • Added license plate to the Insurance Lapsed/Cancelled report.
  • Added "Insurance Lapsed/Cancelled: Condensed" report.
  • Added "Current Payment and Taxes" report.
  • Added Loan Amount to the Loan Payment History report.
  • Added "New Deal Projected Income" report.
  • Added new print statement option that will only generate a statement when there is an amount due.
  • Added vehicle trim and vehicle transmission fields.
  • Added vehicle trim and ending odometer to the Termination Projection Detail and Termination Projection Detail by Rep. reports.
  • Changed multiple payment posting to allow more than one payment per deal to be posted in the same session. (Right-click on the deal's account number for this feature.)

    Version 6.3
  • Added loan and lease payment skips.
  • Added special report for "Invoice Number Billed Detail."
  • Fixed credit bureau report to remember the folder in which the file is saved.
  • Added ability to copy depreciation from a different deal.
  • Added ability to copy leveraged financing from a different deal.
  • Added "Loan Payoff Projection" report to Loan Status screen.
  • Added lease and loan statement template overrides to location billing settings. Also added an override for the new Loan Payoff Projection report template.
  • Added Loan Payoff Statement screen and report.
  • Changed loan interest rate change to allow interest rate changes back to the last payment made date.
  • Added a button to the payment post screen that makes the payment posting date equal to the payment made date.
  • Added a user preference to default to a specified location number when adding new deals.
  • Added credit bureau account type "15".
  • Added "Income & Depreciation by State" report.
  • Added co-borrower name to payment receipt.
  • Modified Loan Statements to state "Call for Payoff" when producing a statement for the last payment.
  • Modified "Loan Balance" report to add initial loan calculation fields.
  • Added "=" button to Loan Status screen to make end date equal to the start date.
  • Added Scotiabank 1464 interface for CC/ACH (EFT) exports.
  • Added "Additional Monthly Payments Schedule Payments" report.
  • Added "All, using recurring day as Settle Day" to Credit Card/ACH batch details screen as an additional method to retrieve data.
  • Added "Deal External Number" to Deal - General screen.
  • Added ability to request payment coupons from external source.
  • Fixed loan Payment Schedule to properly handle manual late charges.
  • Added internal switch for first lease billing so that the first invoice is always billed.
  • Added switch to suppress late charges and retractions from showing up on reports.
  • Modified "Interest Accrual" report to add the balance and simulated interest together to create a new column on the report.
  • Added switch to overall control to suppress term 1 billings on DealerTrack billing interface exports.
  • Added ability to export accounting interface data to Excel.
  • Added scheduled settlement day to the Credit Card/ACH Batch report.
  • Added "Loan Balance Report (Lease Simulation)" report.
  • Added "Repossession History" report.
  • Added "Delinquencies: Historical" report.
  • Added "Account Deals Summary" report.

    Version 6.2
  • Added DealerTrack interface exports.
  • Changed payment interface export to allow batches to be combined. 
  • Changed interface export to not be location sensitive when condensing single accounts.
  • Changed leveraged financing screen to allow for a $0 end value on the even principal calculation.
  • Added option on multiple payment posting to load all active deals that are NOT active for recurring payments.
  • Added Leveraged Financing Projected Amortization Summary report.
  • Made necessary changes for SQL Server 2012 use.
  • Added Location Settings feature.
  • Fixed receivables screen and report to not double late charges.
  • Added ability to set up a recurring payment for weekly payments.
  • Added payment frequency for the following payment calculations: annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and bi-monthly.
  • Added invoice numbering and invoice image saving.
  • Modified loan statements to not create a statement if we are not within 21 days of the due date.

    Version 6.1
  • Added loan late charges. They are calculated as part of the Loan Statements report.
  • Added stock number to Portfolio by Customer, Termination Projection Detail, Termination Projection Detail by Rep., and Insurance Lapsed/Cancelled reports.
  • Added RBC 152 EFT (ACH) export type.
  • Added ability to copy recurring payment setup to all deals within same customer.
  • Added map button to name and address screen.
  • Added 2 new events to contact history: "Pull new credit report" and "Expect report from trustee."
  • Added ability to override the payment made and posting dates for ACH batch posting.
  • Added current monthly payment amount to Termination Projection Detail and Termination Projection Detail by Rep.
  • Fixed lease billing to ignore loans.
  • Fixed multiple reporting to not skip ahead after Cash Receipts Journal.
  • Added address to License Plate Renewal report.
  • Added company name (reporting name) to the CC/ACH screen.
  • Added function to copy CC/ACH data to all customers within the same location.
  • Added two more recurring payment buckets.
  • Added the ability to specify a day of month on which the grace period ends.
  • Added "Vehicle Inventory Sold" report.
  • Changed the ALMSysConnect.INI file to hold the locations of the Documents, Query, and Users folders. UNC names are now allowed.
  • Added payments export interface.
  • Change multiple payment posting to allow the direct editing of the dates at the top of the screen.
  • Added current billed amount to Billing Summary.
  • Modified statement generation to create print queue entries for only those types of statements.
  • Added e-mail address to Insurance - General screen.

    Version 6.0
  • Eliminated Crystal Reports. All reports have been rewritten using a different product. As a result, the reports viewer is different and allows scrolling down the viewer to go from page to page. Also, on multi-location reports, a running page number will appears in parenthesis at the bottom of the report.
  • Added ability to resize the search/names panel.
  • Added "Tax I.D." to Customer Name & Address screen.
  • Added "Group I.D." to Customer Name & Address screen. Used group i.d. on Total Owed screen to allow accounts in the same group to be displayed all at once. Also added "Aging by Group I.D." report.
  • Added ability to change the interest rate on a loan. A "Loan Interest Rate Changes" report was added.
  • Added insurance information to the collections screens.
  • Added Deal Documents screen.
  • When the insurance status changes (color change on tab), an entry will be entered into the contact history for the deal.
  • Added "Depreciation At Termination" report as a depreciation watch-dog report.
  • Added "Lease Termination Settlement Payments" report.
  • Changed Cash Receipts Journal to include termination settlement payments.
  • Added ability to have multiple collateral for depreciation.
  • Added ALMSys Instant Messaging.
  • Added CIBC 80 EFT (ACH) export type.

    Version 5.8
  • Added Depreciation LTD Book Adjustment field.
  • Added Quick Calc.
  • Added name, account number and control number to Payment Post screen.
  • Added Reporting Name to the Collections List Report.
  • Reformatted the Leveraged Financing screen.
  • Added an overall default to the Location Maintenance for "Default Auto Extend" (leases).
  • Changed Total Owed screen to include terminated deals that have a Vehicle Termination Worksheet balance owed.
  • Added the ability to specify different levels of delinquency letters.
  • Added "Deals By Rep." report.
  • Added "Lease Extension Report."
  • Added "Projected Profit and Sales" report.
  • Reformatted Name & Address screen.
  • Reformatted Depreciation screen.
  • Added ability of specifying Check Number and How Paid to Pay by Account function.

    Version 5.7
  • Added ability to do a loan-type deal, with different payment frequencies of weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly. The payment frequency will appear in the basic information for the current account box.
  • Added ability to defer a payment to the next scheduled due date.
  • Added Loan menu and subsequent screens to better facilitate loans.
  • Removed "Payment Receipt" screen.
  • Changed Payment Post screen to generate a payment receipt. Also added a "How Paid" box in order to relate the method of payment. Added a self-incrementing receipt number field that may be overall or location-specific.
  • Added the "Next Receipt Number" field to "Tools - Overall Control." Also to Location-Maintenance to allow a location to override the main number.
  • Added "How Paid" and "Receipt Number" to payment history.  
  • Changed credit bureau to allow for loans and different payment frequencies.
  • Changed credit bureau reporting for Canadian Metro 2 format.
  • Added date override to credit bureau processing that will not report any months prior to that date.
  • Added option to produce credit bureau "Original Creditor Name" records (K1) for collection agencies.
  • Added Loan Termination screen.
  • Added "Loan Repossessions in Progress" report.
  • Internally changed SQL Server field types "NText" and "Image" as SQL Server 2005 has replaced these types with "NVarChar(Max)" and "VarBinary(Max)."
  • Modified new deal import from XSellerator to handle finance scenario types as loans.
  • Removed "remote" features.
  • Changed SQL Server field types to remove field types "ntext" and "image" that Microsoft will be eliminating in future versions of SQL Server.
  • Added calc fields to the communicate screen.
  • Added look-up by receipt number.
  • Added Loan Payment Schedule screen and corresponding reports.
  • Changed delinquency calculations to include amortization lines not yet billed, but with due dates less than or equal to the date to which delinquencies are to be calculated.
  • Added Loan Balance Report as a tool to show where the loan portfolio sits.
  • Added Receipt Report.
  • Added Loans at Termination report.
  • Added Loan Low Balances report.
  • Added Loan Repossessions Report.
  • Updated the export to Excel logic and removed exporting to Word.
  • Modified reports to separate lease reports from loan reports.
  • Added notes to contact history grid and resized screen to show more grid.
  • Made Windows 7 Ready.
  • Added email SMTP port number for sending emails.
  • Expanded customer and co-lessee phone numbers to 30 characters. Added other phone number fields.
  • Added collections module.
  • Added LeaseDeferments field to count the number of times a payment has been deferred.
  • Added Leveraged Financing Bank Account Number to the Payoff Worksheet.
  • Added "Active Only" to the overall search.
  • Added customer primary and secondary employer information.
  • Added New Loan Detail report.
  • Added Payment Alert Message to the Deal General Screen. When set, this will pop up the message when another user goes to post a payment.
  • Split Vehicle Termination Worksheet into 4 screens.
  • Added "Payments by Location", "Payments by Location at which Paid", and "Payments by Location at which Paid, Grouped" reports.
  • Added "Deferred Payments from Contact History" report.
  • Changed credit bureau to report an error for when the borrower and co-borrower' SSNs are identical. Also added logic to watch for deferred payments and to report those months where a payment was deferred as a "D" in the history.

    Version 5.6
  • Fixed bug where delinquency override was not showing up in reports.
  • Fixed bug where delinquency calculations did not work properly on leases which had been extended to the point where there was no remaining asset.
  • Corrected substitute statement on payment history screen to use override location name at the bottom of the statement.
  • Changed to allow a 25-day grace period.
  • Changed delinquency calculation to not include delinquent late fees in the days delinquent calculation.
  • Changed Credit Card/ACH load to not include payments for leases at or past the scheduled end date.
  • Changed VIN renumber to allow a deal to be assigned to an existing VIN that is still active.
  • Search panel selection will now place cursor in search field.
  • Search panel selection will be remembered from logoff to next logon.
  • Added "Delinquency Summary by Customer" report.
  • Added user preference for a special amount on the Payment - Post screen.
  • Added ability to suspend billing (Billing - General screen).
  • Added "Suspended Billing" report.
  • Added Credit Bureau Completion Override Date.
  • Added Leveraged Financing Lease Payments to Bank. (This is a customer-specific request and should be used with caution.)
  • Changed new deal import from XSellerator to import data from non-lease sales.
  • Changed the "Print Statement" to have the ability of completely suppressing statements, regardless of late fee activity.
  • Added "Project Amortization Cash Income Summary" report.
  • Added user preference to control the sort of the items on the deal pull-down list on the main menu.
  • Revised Leveraged Financing screen into a 2-page tabbed notebook; one page for "Calcs" and the other for "Termination." Added Payoff date and check number fields.
  • Removed unused AMPTax fields from file.
  • Support for all ALMSys versions less than 5.3 has been dropped.
  • Removed unused Lease fields from file.
  • Moved the Recalculate button to the top of the Depreciation screen.
  • Added Billing Status report.
  • Modified "Vehicle Inventory Flooring w/ Lev. Fin." report to add flooring date and to remove floor plan.
  • Added current book value to depreciation screen and to Payoff Spreadsheet.
  • Changed new lease adds from XSellerator to copy ledger information from existing AMPTax master codes when new GST & PST master codes are automatically created.
  • Added button to Vehicle Termination Worksheet that will calculate all outstanding payments owed, plus all remaining unbilled payments for the lease.
  • Added "Inventory Low Book" to Vehicle General screen. Also added to "Vehicle Inventory" and "Vehicle Inventory Flooring w/ Lev. Fin." reports.
  • Added buttons on Vehicle Confirmed Return screen that will copy inventory amounts into the amount fields on the screen.
  • Changed CC/ACH payment posting to post payments for terminated leases to the TermPayments file.
  • Added ability of printing monthly statements for terminated leases that have a balance owed on the termination worksheet screen.
  • Added "Lease Term Letter" templates (open and close-ended leases) to aid in lease end communications.
  • Added ability to calculate sales tax to the vehicle termination worksheet screen.
  • Fixed bug in Lev. Fin. Amortization Status report that would not calculate data for deals with a due date > 28 and the first payment due date was not the end of the month.
  • Added ability of automatically extending leases when billing, thus creating a never-ending lease.
  • Added ability to calculate payback factor on the leveraged financing screen.
  • Updated credit bureau look-up tables with new entries.
  • Changed CC/ACH processing to export a NACHA-type ACH file.
  • Added monthly payment breakdown amounts to the Payoff Spreadsheet.
  • Add "Deposit Slip Report" on the multiple payments screen.
  • Added payment day due to the Delinquency reports.

    Version 5.5
  • Revised e-mail preferences to be in line with Outlook Express.
  • Added new interface to XSellerator to pull new leases into ALMSys.
  • Fixed Credit Card/ ACH screen to allow the credit card expiration month and year to be blanked out.
  • Deal pull-down list will now drop down simply by clicking on it.
  • Revised Integrity Checker to use SQL 2005-compatible format on outer joins. 
  • Fixed delinquency bug on terminated leases where the payoff is prior to the last billed month.
  • Changed Contact History to allow a history item to be deal specific or customer overall.
  • Added delinquency breakdown days to Total Owed screen.
  • Added Vehicle Pictures screen and corresponding Vehicle Pictures XRef report.
  • Added ability to override the SQL Server timeout of 30 seconds in the ALMSysConnect.ini file.
  • Added preference for setting the Payment Posting Date for the Post screen to be either last posting date + 1, today, or yesterday.
  • Changed the way in which reports are e-mailed to a more familiar e-mail format.
  • Added ability to send an e-mail from the e-mail addresses on the Name & Address, Co-Lessee, and General Deal screens.
  • Added vehicle flooring switch, date, amount, name, plan, and status to Vehicle General screen.
  • Added the ability of assigning an ALMSys user as the collections user for a customer. This is done on the Account - Status screen. As the result, viewing contact history (and reminders) may be limited to only those for the current ALMSys user.
  • Added a user preference to initially show all reminders or just those reminders from customers that the user has been assigned.
  • Added ability to globally change a collections user i.d.
  • Changed contact history to start in descending order by date. Also added ability to sort ascending or descending.
  • Added new report, "Delinquency w/ Contact History by Collections User I.D."
  • Changed balance calculations so that negative payments (NSFs) calculate properly for delinquency purposes.
  • Changed Delinquent Letters to be internally generated to the e-mail queue, rather than as a Word mail merge. As a result, a new DelinquencyLetters.rtf document was created with special internal fields for the merge. Also, an Envelope.rtf document was added in the format of a standard #10 envelope. This will be used to optionally create return envelopes for the Delinquency Letters. It may also be used through the communications screen as a one-at-a-time envelope generator.
  • Added ability of creating e-mail queue envelopes from the Envelope.rtf template from any print queue entry.
  • Added user preference to limit delinquency letters to only those leases delinquent greater than a specified number of days.
  • Added user preference to specify the number of days between delinquency letters per lease.
  • Added the date of the last delinquency letter to the Billing - Late Fee screen.
  • Added new report, "Average Weighted Yield - Cap. Cost - By State/Province."
  • For mass produced e-mail queue entries (such as from the Delinquency report or when creating mass e-mails from a print queue entry on the Communicate screen), an entry will automatically be placed in Contact History recording the event.
  • Modified so that exports will work with Office 2007.
  • Added leveraged financing bank abbreviation.
  • Added "Vehicle Inventory Flooring w/ Lev. Fin." report. This report is intended to assist in the selling of terminated leases in inventory, that were funded through leveraged financing.
  • Added "Purchase Price At End" field. This is intended to be the contractual buyout at the full term of the lease.

    Version 5.4
  • Deal - Other Journal was changed to resize the controls better, based on screen size.
  • Lease - Misc was changed to calculate mileage per year.
  • Added Collection Fees tracking and reporting. Added to Payoff Worksheet, Repossession Summary, and Vehicle Termination Worksheet.
  • Added "Standard Depreciation Schedule" report to the Deal - Depreciation screen.
  • Revised search panel to be a list of available fields rather than having individual fields. Split Name and Address search into two separate search types. Added search by phone number.
  • Added terminated lease delinquency override date. This is found on the Credit Bureau - General screen. It is used to override the delinquency calculations in the event where the lessee owes the outstanding balance on the terminated lease.
  • Changed payoff screen to better understand "Z" transactions (principal adjustments on-the-fly) for active leases.
  • Payoff Quotes will now be logged in the audit trail feature.
  • Account - Audit screen has been added. This will show all audit trail information for the account (all deals).
  • Added the ability to hide the search/names panel on the main menu.
  • Added ability of specifying customer limits on overall cap. cost and percentage of portfolio to Account - Names screen.
  • Added "Portfolio by Customer" report. This is similar to the Portfolio report, but will show customer limits and over limits.
  • Double-clicking on the text values in the basic information for the account area (orange) will copy the text to the Windows clipboard.
  • Added "Leveraged Financing Promissory Note" (screen report) to the Leveraged Financing screen.
  • Added "Leveraged Financing Assignment of Debt" (screen report) to the Leveraged Financing screen.
  • Added "Termination Worksheet" screen to the Vehicle tab. This screen replaces the "Vehicle Termination Worksheet" report and all functions of that report move to this new screen. In addition, a new report titled, "Vehicle Repossession Worksheet," is available. All fields on the prior "Vehicle Termination Worksheet" are input fields on this new screen. Additional features of this new screen include lease-end payment tracking that is applied against the lease-end charges. A new report entitled, "Vehicle Termination Outstanding Balance Summary," will show a summary of all outstanding amounts owed for terminated vehicles.
  • Added Primary, Secondary, and Co-Lessee FICO Score fields to Name & Address and Co-Lessee screens.
  • Added Vehicle Inventory Sell To Name and Inventory Retail Cost to the Vehicle - General screen. Retail Cost was also added to the Vehicle Inventory report.
  • Changed the hard-to-read yellow labels to olive.
  • Insurance tab will not turn red if the lease is terminated.
  • Favorites menu added.
  • Added Vehicle Confirmed Return screen. This will track anticipated vehicle turn-ins.
  • Added Vehicle Confirmed Returns report.

    Version 5.3
  • The monthly ALMSys Compliance Report may now be configured to automatically send itself once per month. This is a new user preference (Tools - Preferences). In order for this to work, you must be connected to the Internet. After setting this preference, the Compliance Report will be transmitted directly to ALMSys Support on the first logon of each month. If you have filled out the credit card information, then the card will be used for your monthly maintenance.
  • Added "Audit Detail for Payment History" report. If you are using the audit trail feature, this will create a report of only those audit trail records that are payment history-related. This new report is available only on the Payment History screen.
  • Added ability to place query results into print queue.
  • Communicate function now has the ability to generate mass emails. You simply create a report (or query) print queue entry that contains the deals to which you wish to email. Then, from the Communicate screen, you initiate a mass email using that print queue entry. The resulting emails are placed in the email queue in the reports notebook. Controls are there to send the emails out.
  • Email settings have been moved from the Backup program to the user preferences screen.
  • Most screens have been reformatted to be screen-resolution friendly. This means that screen components will resize themselves based on the current monitor resolution settings. Future versions will be geared towards a higher resolution of 1024 x 768. While ALMSys will still function under 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 is now recommended.
  • A new interface has been added for the collections product, "Intellect." To use it, you must enable the interface in the Tools - Overall Control - Exports screen. Then, use the Export Interface button, select the Intellect button and go.
  • The Communicate function now supports HTML documents. You do not need to know HTML in order to use this document type. The editor used to create the document will automatically add the HTML coding for you!!
  • Added ability to have the ALMSys registered customer name changed via support messages.
  • Added location-based switch to tell Credit Bureau Reporting to report the current "bad" leases only.
  • Added new payment type that will adjust the asset (principal) on-the-fly, rather than modifying the original Cap. Cost like the "X" adjustment. The new code, "Z", is intended to be used in the cases where you need to add legal charges to the lease without affecting the monthly payment amount. Like the "X" code, "Z" is a one-sided ALMSys adjustment, meaning that you will need to manually adjust your ledger when this is used. "Z" adjustments may be both positive (to increase the debit balance) and negative (to reduce the asset balance).
  • Fixed a bug in the lease extension that incorrectly calculated the extended months when no principal (asset) is remaining.
  • Changed "Profit Combination Ledger Schedule" report to calculate profit as internal profit, rather than simply using the profit from the Profit Schedule screen. The Internal Profit is calculated as all revenue less book depreciation less leveraged financing interest less the funding adjustment.
  • Added "Delinquency w/ Contact History" report.
  • Added "Receivables" screen to Billing menu.
  • Social security numbers are now masked so that you only see the last four digits. Click on the field to edit the number.
  • Added Payoff Worksheet to payoff screen. This will export termination-related information to an Excel Spreadsheet for analysis and/or to run the numbers through your own special termination calculations.
  • Added "Receivables Report" to report all receivables through a given date for all active leases.
  • Changed "Lease Status Report" to add "Total Receivable less Suspense" calculation.
  • Changed "Payments Posted" report to allow sort overrides.
  • Changed search for last name to also look anywhere in the address lines.
  • Added ACH data to Credit Card data screen.
  • Credit Card/ACH Origination has been added. This is currently available in the U.S.only. It will create batches of payment requests to be uploaded and processed by TransFirst ePayment Services.
  • Added Aging Report by Lev. Fin. Bank
  • Moved Control Number to be just to the right of the account number when searching.
  • Look-up grid on main screen will now remember the order of the columns when you drag and drop.

    Version 5.2
  • Added ability of directly uploading a backup to Support.
  • Added "Other Journal Entries" in order to provide a medium of defining monthly journal entries that are not automatically generated by ALMSys.
  • Added "Funding Adjustment Screen" in order to provide a more accurate Forecast Value.
  • Added varying interest rate ability to leveraged financing.
  • Added Lease Profit Schedule with additional report "Profit Combination Ledger Schedule"
  • Trade Cap. Cost Reduction may now be included in the Due on Delivery calculation. By default, it is not included. A default field has been added to the Location Maintenance notebook to set the default for this on new leases.
  • Interest rates of up to 500% are now allowed on the lease calculation.
  • Non-needed work files will automatically be cleaned up every 10 days.
  • Fleet reps. may be marked as inactive so that they do not appear in the selection list on the "Deal - General" screen.
  • "Payment Receipt" screen has been added. This will allow you to print a receipt for when the lessee makes a payment in person. Look for this new screen on the Payment menu.
  • Added ability of adding new lease directly from the new ALMSys Forms system.
  • Social security numbers are now encrypted and secured. You will need to change security for those users that require access to social security numbers. Social security numbers will never be displayed for those users whom do not have access. This includes screens, reports, and queries.
  • Added ability to access a local MSDE ALMSys installation with a password-protected SA logon.
  • Added year, make, model, and VIN to Amortization Schedule screen print.

    Version 5.1
  • New deals will allow for negative add-on amounts.
  • New deals will allow for multiple other add-ons.
  • Vehicle condition codes of "Demo" and "Assumed" have been added.
  • Credit card tracking added for recurring payments. "Credit Card" has been added to the Payment menu. This will allow you to capture credit card information for up to 3 cards per customer account. This data is password protected, secured, and the data is stored in an encrypted format.
  • Recurring payments has been moved to the Payment menu. "Pay by Credit Card" features have been added. Additional buttons have been added as well to facilitate payment amount entry.
  • Multi-payment screen will now give you options when loading recurring payments to include or exclude credit card recurring payments. Payments posted from a credit card source will add the payment note "Paid by card ending in xxxx." This note will also appear on the Payments Posted report.
  • A new report entitled, "Recurring Payments," has been added. This report is similar to the Payment Due Day report, but will sort by recurring payment day. The report will separate recurring payments by credit card from regular recurring payments. You may create this report for all days of the month, or you may limit it to only one day.
  • A new speed button was added that will show all active reminders in a quick display. You can set your preferences to always display outstanding reminders on start-up.
  • The interface for exporting ledger data (to Xsellerator) for billings has been modified to add a department code. The department codes, which would normally be blank, may be specified in AMPTax maintenance (from the Billing-General screen) or in Lease Charges Maintenance (on the Tools menu).
  • Report "Vehicles by Condition Code" was added. This shows all active leases in the date range specified, grouped by condition code.
  • New Deal Calculation page will now calculate an amortization schedule that may be printed from within the New Deal Wizard.
  • Existing leases may now be copied in order to create a new lease.
  • Added forecast value calculation to Account Status screen.
  • RVI Enrollment Report "B" added to allow reporting to 2 different insurance companies.

    Version 5.0
  • Billing has been changed to allow prebilling (seeing what it would bill before updating the files permanently), to allow billing through a date (which will allow billing a whole month at a time), and to bill without calculating any late fees. Also, a first month bill will be produced for deferred leases that require a billing statement.
  • The default printer can now be overridden in the ALMSys session via "File - Printer Setup." This will not change the default Windows printer.
  • Book depreciation will now continue to calculate (past the term) until explicitly terminated on the depreciation screen.
  • Added residual value to Account Status.
  • Major revisions to New Deal Wizard. Capitalized/non-capitalized costs are now defined by the user.
  • Taxes may now be non-accumulative. (Each tax calculated separately.)
  • AMPTax master codes may now be classified as GST, PST, M-Res, or E-Res.
  • AMPTax ledger accounts are now be assigned for all locations in AMPTax Maintenance.
  • Chart of Accounts screen & report has been added. This will bring all of the ledger accounts to one screen where they can be edited or printed.
  • Lease tab will turn colors if within 30 days of lease end, or if lease end has past.
  • Main screen's tabbed notebook will display yellow, pop-up hints in order to convey why the tab is yellow, red, etc.
  • The SQL Transaction Log will now automatically dump every 10 days.
  • Pay by Account feature added. Will allow posting payments for all active leases with same account number (group posting).
  • Fixed bug in day due change to set the original lease day due to the new value.
  • Added current monthly payment amount to Billing - General screen.
  • Fixed bug in payoff that set the depreciation end date to 12/31/1899 when blank.
  • Added ability on report query screen to only view those fields which have been selected for the query.
  • Backup program now requires signon. Security must be set in ALMSys, first.
  • Added "Depr. Value" to Depreciation Report. (Acq. Cost - LTD Book)
  • Added margins to communication templates.
  • Changed one-time fees to use LeaseChargesMaster & LeaseChargesDetail files. This removes the five charges per month limitation.
  • Payment - Distribution screen will now pop-up detail for other charges.
  • Added new location ledger accounts for leveraged financing and depreciation.
  • Added new location default for including non-cap. lease charges on the first payment for deferred leases.
  • Billing, depreciation, and leveraged financing data may now be exported in an XML data format. (This is for interfacing with other accounting systems.) In addition, 2 Journal Entry reports (detail and summary) are available.
  • Print Queue Condense has been added.
  • ALMSys Support Messages added. Allows secured messaging to and from ALMSys Support. Also allows for secured, encrypted credit card payments to be transmitted to support. Also allows Support to send expiration date updates directly to ALMSys without user intervention, as well as miscellaneous other update files.
  • Multi-payment session may be saved and resumed
  • Added "All Notes" screen on Deal tab. Views/Edits/Prints all notes for deal.
  • Look-up by payment amount added.
  • Added ledger offset accounts and ability to reverse the signs on journal entries being exported.
  • Changed Payment coupons to allow specifying the number of coupons desired, plus to allow a tear-friendly sort order.
  • Added payoff fields to leveraged financing screen. These fields will be sent through the accounting interface export.
  • Added "Force Zero Dollar Payoff" switch to credit bureau screen. This will allow a terminated lease to report as zero, even though it was not paid off to a zero asset balance.
  • Report "Lease Charges Detail XRef" added.
  • Changed alert messages to add more color choices.
  • Added ability to e-mail reports from print queue.

    Version 4.3, fix 1
  • Fixed bug in "last 5" when using by control numbers.
  • Added AutoMate interface for Detail Billed Reports. (AMBillings.txt)
  • Fixed bug when trying to delete or rename a new AMPTax code.

    Changes to 4.3
  • New reports: Location Sales Summary: New leases, Location Sales Summary: Still Active.
  • MSRP has been added to the RVI Enrollment report.
  • Totals have been added to the Amortization Schedule and Payment History reports.
  • The lease posting date can now be less than the lease date. Deferred payment leases are now determined by comparing the lease date with the first payment due date.
  • Added the preference to remember the last 9 control numbers, rather than account numbers.
  • Changed the "Deal - Move" to allow moving a deal to a new account number.
  • Added Leveraged Financing Calculation "Even Principal with Balloon" for GMAC dealerships. With this calc, you can enter base price, payback factor, term, cap. reduction, and interest rate, and the program will calculate the monthly principal payment and end value for you.
  • Added a new depreciation book calculation for "30% Declining Balance."
  • Added location profiles to location select screen.
  • Added switch to ignore name & address differences on remote customers for the N. A. Differences report.
  • Added last run information for AutoMate interfaces in Tools-Overall Control.
  • Fixed deal move to work when names are blank.
  • Fixed query view and main screen names list to display better when the title buttons are pressed.

    Changes to 4.2
  • Cell phone number fields have been added for the primary and secondary names.
  • Payoff confirmation page now shows the calculated depreciation end date, which may be changed before posting the payoff.
  • A new late fee calculation has been added that will assess a late fee based on the total outstanding amount owed.
  • Security has been added that will provide you overall control of all notes fields. By default, this will be set to "Edit."
  • "Remote" page has been added to main menu. This new feature will allow a leasing company with lienholders using ALMSys to be able to import their lienholders' ALMSys data for viewing. This is done primarily for payment histories.
  • You can now enter a message for screen prints (and payoff faxes) that are e-mailed.
  • A report field cross reference has been added to the reports notebook.
  • Reports "Insurance Verification Fax" and "Insurance Verification Mailer" have been changed to add "Stated Value" in the vehicle box. This value represents the total lease capitalized cost.
  • Report "Interest Distribution Detail" has been changed to not include terminated leases with a zero balance (with no activity).
  • Report "Leveraged Financing Cash Deposit by Bank" has had field "Base Payment" added.
  • Report "Payoff Journal" has had field "Acq. Cost" added.
  • Fixed help "Changes from Previous Version" to work from main menu.
  • Fixed credit bureau general screen to fill in "-" for "0" look-up values.

    Changes to 4.1
  • The Bill button is back! (Shortcut to Billing)
  • You can now have a payment due on the 29th - 31st of a month. If the day does not exist for the month, the last day of the month will be used.
  • A new preference has been added that will allow ALMSys to automatically open up the first screen on the page when you click on a different tab on the main menu. For example, clicking on the "Payments" tab would automatically display the Payment History screen.
  • E-mail addresses have been added to the Name & Address and General Deal screens.
  • Reports can be split by account and sent as e-mails to customers. This will allow you to e-mail statements.
  • "Communicate" has been added. This feature will allow you to create your own form letter & e-mail templates using ALMSys' new built-in word processor.
  • Report "Vehicles by Selling Dealer" has been added.
  • Report "Leveraged Financing Cash Deposit by Bank" has been added.
  • The location phone number will now print on coupons.
  • Verbiage for recurring payments has been added to the Substitute Statement.
  • A print queue entry will appear red if the selection criteria has been overridden.
  • Buttons for adding and deleting print queue files have been added to the backup program.
  • I inadvertently disallowed three reports to work properly. This has been fixed. The reports are "Deal Export," "Vehicle Inventory," and "Vehicle Driver."
  • Depreciation has been changed. A new field for the Depreciation End Date was added. This field was initialized to the last day of the month prior to lease termination (for terminated leases only). The Depreciation Disposition report was changed to run off of this date.
  • Cleaned up security messages.
  • RVI Enrollment Report has been updated to add "Gross Premium", "Surplus", and "Net Premium" fields. The report has been revised to meet current insurance reporting standards.
  • Fixed bug in Report Option pop-up that did not recognize certain data changes.

    Changes to 4.0
    Holy cow! I don't know where to start. Version 4.0 is a complete rewrite of ALMSys. Certainly a lot of the guts that made version 3.1 (and before) work so well have been copied into 4.0. However, ALMSys 4.0 is not based on the Borland Database Engine. (Good riddance!) It is instead based on Microsoft's SQL Server.

    Database access is about 75-80% of the code behind ALMSys. Beings that I was going to change so much for version 4.0, I decided to kick it up a notch and change the user interface as well. So, more than a year later, this is the result. I hope you like the changes.

    Major Changes
    Lease Maintenance Area
    The first screen that hits you is the revised main menu. The entire account notebook has been brought up to this level. A complete list of your lessees can be placed on the left side of the screen. Or, if you prefer, a search box can be placed there instead.

    Much of the functionality of the old account notebook still exists and you will find some familiarity there. The new look uses a small, tabbed notebook to allow you to go from screen to screen. Unlike the old account notebook, you will need to save your changes on each page before moving to the next screen.

    As you move from lease to lease, you will notice that ALMSys will keep you on the same display. In other words, if you are looking at the payment history for Smith and flip to the Jones lease, you will still be looking at the payment history screen.

    Each screen in the new lease maintenance area may be printed, queued, or e-mailed. Cool, eh? The buttons in the speed button area are used for these tasks. Use these features with support calls and I will be able to serve you better!

    The orange area in the middle of the lease maintenance area will show you who you are currently working on. It is similar to the green box in version 3.1. The pull-down is simply a list of all of the leases that this account has. Use this to select different leases for the same account.

    As you move from screen to screen, you will notice an improvement of the information displayed, as well as some new screens altogether. For example, the payment history display is much easier to read and understand. Each of these screens have an associated help screen.

    Better Payoffs
    In helping with payoffs over the past 11+ years, I find myself asking the same questions over and over again. Well, version 4.0 now has a payoff wizard that asks these same questions and makes a good effort to select the correct payoff for your situation. It knows about deferred vs. due-on-delivery leases and even knows when the LEV at the end of type "1" leases will "get you."

    The new payoff fax sheet will even convey your payoff selection.

    Contact History
    Of all of the new screens in version 4.0, the account contact history is one to take note of. This will allow you to better track your contacts with the lessee. It will allow you set reminders of future events as well. 

    ALMSys Compliance
    Compliance reporting is much easier. The compliance button is right on the main menu. Hit this on the first of the month and e-mail it to support via the button. It is just as simple as that.

    For those that pay monthly maintenance, there is only one report to accompany your payment. If you prefer, you can pay your maintenance by credit card. Simply print out the Compliance Report, fill in the credit card information, and fax it to support.

    (If possible, please always e-mail the Compliance Report, even though you may also be faxing or mailing it as well. This will help tremendously!)

    Audit Trail
    ALMSys now has the ability of tracking changes. You cannot "undo" from the audit trail, but you can certainly tell who posted a payment to the Smith deal or who purged a transaction from the Jones lease. See Tools-Overall Control to turn on this feature.

    You will notice right away that most of the 4.0 reports are landscape. This allows more information to be placed on the report. Vehicle year, make, model, and VIN were added to as many reports as feasible.

    There were many similar reports under 3.1. These have been consolidated in version 4.0. Looking at the list of reports available, you will notice that the reports have been categorized. Sorting on the category column will allow like reports to be grouped together.

    Exporting has greatly improved. You may now create Word and Excel documents directly from ALMSys, using either the query or print queue as the source. In fact, ALMSys uses Word to perform the mail merge for delinquency letters. This way, YOU have control as to what the letter says; all you need to do is use Word to edit the base letter and then perform the merge. ALMSys simply creates the merge data file when the Delinquency Report is run.

    Creating your own queries has greatly improved as well. With the ability of exporting directly to Excel, creating your own queries and reports is vastly simplified. With 4.0, you can query accounts and include balance information.

    Late Charges
    Outstanding late charges owed are looked at quite differently under version 4.0. By very popular demand, outstanding late charges owed are pulled out of delinquency calculations. To determine if a late fee is outstanding, ALMSys looks to see when the last time that the amount owed reached zero (or below). ALMSys considers this as "paid up" and any late fees charged prior to this point would be removed from "outstanding" status. The outstanding fees are still printed on the Delinquency Report and are still part of the breakdown by day chart. (They are, after all, still owed to you!)

    There is also a new late charge type (4) for calculating late fees in billing. This is like type #2, except it only excludes those late charges that it considers delinquent.

    ALMSys' backup is radically different. You will need to take some time to check out all of the new features available for backing up and restoring files.

    One of the neatest features of the backup program is the ability to backup only one deal and e-mail it to support. You can also restore a single deal from an ALMSys backup. Better yet, you can restore a payment history for a single deal.

    Even if you are on a network that is routinely backed up, I fully recommend performing weekly ALMSys backups just to have the ability to restore individual leases.

    Minor Changes
    There are far too many small changes to list them here. Go ahead and dive into 4.0 and discover them yourself!