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Miscellaneous Lease Information

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Used to display other miscellaneous information about the lease or loan.

The Post Date represents the date that the deal was posted against ALMSys. This is usually the same date as the lease or loan date.

RVI Enrollment Reporting is used in conjunction with the RVI Enrollment Report.

If Terminated ... is used to relate what action the customer took at termination.

At termination, you can indicate the actual mileage of the vehicle and calculate the excess mileage charge.

Automatically Extend Lease when Billing? tells the billing procedure that it is OK to automatically extend the lease for six months when the lease term has been reached. See Lease Extension for additional rules. When extended via billing, no notice of the extension is given.

This is a prepaid lease tells the accounting interface for billing to NOT export receivable records for this deal.

Type of Lease is used to tell you if this is an open (guaranteed) or closed-end lease.

Miscellaneous Lease Information