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Chart of Accounts Maintenance

Main Menu - Tools - G. L. Chart of Accounts

Used to maintain the ledger accounts for existing ledger entries. (New entries for AMPTax and Lease Charges will need to be created in their respective maintenance screens before they will appear in the chart of accounts.)

Start Up
When started, a grid of all of the ledger accounts in the system will be displayed. Default value entries will appear in purple.

Layout of the Chart of Accounts Maintenance Screen
All general ledger accounts in the system will be retrieved and displayed. AMPTax (and other multi-location ledger field) entries will display one entry for each location that is defined in ALMSys. They will also display the corresponding default value entries (in purple, with -1 as the location number).

Each account will show the location it belongs to, the account number, the description of the item that is assigned to this account, and an indicator as to if this is the default value set for this item.

The grid may be sorted by any of the columns presented. Simply click on the column header to sort by that column. 

How To
To edit an account value, either double click on the line or single click on the line and press the Edit Selected Account Number button. If a default value entry is changed, the corresponding display entries for that item will be updated in the grid if they are marked as "Default?". (The actual entries for each location are not changed. Default entries are stored as blanks, so the grid simply reflects what would be assigned.) 

To print the chart of accounts, press the Print Chart of Accounts button. The Chart of Accounts report will be displayed. This report will be presented in the same sort order as the screen.