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Payment Distribution

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Provides detailed distribution information for any date range desired. Payment distribution information is for those companies that disburse payments based on actual payments received. (Such as credit unions and banks.) This screen in intended for leases only.

Layout / How To
Information conveyed on this screen is controlled by the starting and ending calendars. All balance and distribution information will be shown for the date range provided by these calendars. When changing the calendars, always press the Calculate button to obtain the new results.

The total payments received for the date range are shown under the Received heading in the middle of the screen. The distribution breakdown is to the right of this, and what is remaining on the lease (after this distribution) is to the right of the distribution breakdown.

Based on the billing and payment activity, the beginning and ending balances are shown on the left. Asset balance is usually calculated as beginning balance minus principal disbursed equals ending balance. However, ALMSys treats service charges owed as additional asset owed, so the difference in beginning and end service charges owed would affect asset balances.

The last fully paid invoice information is shown as well as when the payoff (termination) occurred.

Right-click on the Other Chg. field to display a detailed list of the other charges paid.

The Billed box shows shows what has been billed for the date range provided.

The Other Calculations box is for those that balance by lease receivables. Here, you will find lease receivables, unearned interest, late fee, and payments receivable calculations.

Payment Distribution Screen